Will you submit to forced covid non vaccines, that are called vaccines?

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I might to prevent problems wear a mask for a few minutes when going into a store if it is mandated , but as for as taking the population reduction vaccine , that could erupt into a gun battle here . Another Ruby Ridge or Waco situation .
Hear, Hear. Cash or credit or debit. I do not care what I get and/or how. As long as I can still get stuff to prep and survive with. KMA to all those who will try to mask us up again. SOMEBODY gotta start the war against the elites and bad guys... it will happen somewhere that nobody expected.
We have to make sure they RUN OUT OF HENCHMEN.....
Here we are talking about wear the stupid face diapers again! Didn't we learn anything from the last fake pandemic? My wife quit a very good paying job of 14 years over the insane testing, mask mandate and her company's plan to force the vaccine on her. Yes, it hurt us financially, but her principals, freedom of choice and health were far more important than just losing a few bucks. And I couldn't be more proud of her.
We didn't comply with the mask mandate last time in our area, and we won't this time around either. We all need to stand together for our freedoms and just say NO, whatever the cost.
Sad thing is, people are like sheep and will roll over to their government masters. Worse yet, they'll believe whatever the fake "experts" say.
Why shall they learn something? The game with the face diapper worked fine. As well the panic, jab and more. Millions of sheeps believed it. And i'm pretty sure if the government tell them running naked thru the swap helps against covid...
Well, unwrapped gator food.
And i'm sure it will work again next time. Seems an panic pandemia is an good way to control the brainless.

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