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The Importance of Preparing to “Lose”

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A True Doomsday Prepper
Mar 5, 2022
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Years ago, someone once said to me what if you lose it all? Then what?

That was a wake up call for me in my preps. I started concentrating prepping less about the stuff in my pantry and more stuff between my ears.

My mother used to tell me that the reason education is valuable is because short of a serious brain injury, no one can take it away from you. I agree, except it isn’t formal education that provides the value, it is knowledge and experience beyond the classroom.

We tend to focus on our tangible preps. We have in mind a place where we can live and weather the storm; a BOL or BIL. A place where we have useful "stuff" and growing land that will get us through. Having a positive attitude of being able to use what you have to survive is important and brings a sense of security but, what if you lost it all?

Thinking the unthinkable is what preparedness is all about. Psychologically, it is very important.


You have lost your safe house to a superior force of raiders, government or neighbors.

No one nearby is willing to help or take you in (regardless of the skills you have)

Your food/supply caches have either been ruined by weather or vermin, found and taken or become inaccessible for one reason or another.

You have no vehicles or reference materials.

The landscape for at least 50 miles around has been stripped of non-toxic vegetation and game has been exhausted.

You and your group escaped with your lives but between all of you, you only have your clothing, footwear, a couple of knives and your skills.

There are too few of you left to have any hope of retaking your property by force. (3 adults and two children under 10)

I know you can argue that you would have emergency BOB that you could grab so would never be without, but, shit happens, and this is a near worst case scenario (you all still have your health), so let’s go with it.

Plan for the worst even when hoping for the best.

You have to plan to lose, as well as being hopeful you will “win”/retain what you have built.

You are now worse off than most refugees who at least were able to take along a few things, So…what would you do?
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