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Keep your eyes open in the USA that Joe is not implementing this (WEF) agenda.

EU plant Gesetz zur Enteignung von klimaschädlichen Autos - Apollo News

This is no joke, the EU will definitely go through with this with the goal that the middle class will no longer be able to own a car, in short, you will be forced to scrap your car if the EU decides so.
Either way, electric cars are no good as used cars, these cars run out of battery power after 6 years and a new battery is not worth it because it is about the same price as a new electric car.
The fact is that medium-sized businesses will not be able to afford electric cars because they are too expensive and there is not enough energy.
Since many people are now buying a petrol car to make ends meet for the next few years, the EU will now come up with a scrapping campaign that will remove petrol cars from the road.

If you no longer have a car, you usually no longer have a job, if you no longer have a job you automatically no longer have anything and end up on the street, which is then free of cars.
No one will be able to repair you, at the latest when the battery is at the end after 4 or 5 years you can throw any e-car on the scrap heap. A new battery will then either no longer be available for the model or will be more expensive than a new e-car.

E-cars are only there to destroy the used car market and take cars away from the middle class because these cars are too expensive.
In the end, the Biden government and power companies will say to you, "Of course you can have the car, but when you charge it, we decide".

It is a trap and a technology that is only good for short distances, in Europe from 2035 cars with gasoline or similar drive systems may no longer be sold, because many people still want to buy such a car before the ban, Europe reacts and wants to introduce a period of time how long you can still drive old cars.
It already means that a car is no longer personal property, and in the next step the legislator will decide when a car must be scrapped, regardless of its condition, and you will no longer be allowed to keep it in your own garage.

You will no longer own anything except the license when you have to give up your car (and soon your life).
Pretty disturbing information. According to this, EV manufacturers are using "planned obsolescence" and only produce batteries for a particular model for seven years...and batteries for different year models are incompatible. After seven years they can't be replaced by the dealer.

I don't know if it's true but it makes sense. It's the perfect way to force people to rent instead of buy cars. And to eventually render all automobiles inoperative
New engine? Not likely...
I paid 16K for my Tundra brand new...17 years ago. 185,000 miles and it runs like new. It will probably go another 100,000 miles on that engine but I doubt I'll drive it that much after we move to BOL2 it will be a farm truck and I won't drive it very far.

My "Town Car" is my father's Mercury Grand Marquis that I bought from his estate. It is 19 years old and has 130,000 miles on it and it also runs like new. When my wife gets a new car next year I get her 4Runner Trail Premium, which is only 7 years old (practically brand new , LOL) and I will sell the Mercury. The only reason she wants a new car is for the warranty.
I bought my 1997 F250 4×4, 460 V8 new. It now has 125,000 miles on it. I've done zero repairs on it and it still runs like new. Take care of your vehicles and they should last many, many years. This truck will probably last my lifetime. Oh yeah, and don't buy a POS throw-away car (or EV) if you want it to last.
About 22k. Whats it cost for an engine in an 8 year old car?

I know a car I have in the barn is about 10k + installation If I could find one, Hanging on to it for an electric retrofit. A lot of rollers around for that 24 yr. old sports car.
One of my friends drive now his Olds with an 73 years old V8 engine, still the factory one.
The engine in my V8 is 39 years old, never opened.
And my daily driver has since 1997 the same in-line 4 cyl engine.

I have my doubts one of this super eco climate saving battery crap will last so long.

BTW - one or two years ago an norwegian Tesla owner burned his car after Tesla told him the battery isn't included in the warranty. He bought an Diesel after.

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