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Sodium Hypochlorite is really a laundry bleach. Although they have similar names and elements, they are very dissimilar

The commonality of the name arises from the fact that they all contain the element chlorine but their properties are quite different.

Chlorine and Hypochlorite are powerful oxidizing agents but more importantly the reaction with organic matter can lead to unacceptable concentration of chlorinated organic compounds via substitution reactions.

Chlorine Dioxide is non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic and is relatively non-irritating unlike Chlorine and Hypochlorite.

Chlorine Dioxide deactivates microorganisms by breaking the bacterial cell wall, or, in the case of viruses by loosening the viral envelope.

This action occurs immediately upon exposure.

Human tissue is not affected by it.

This comes from Frontier Pharmaceuticals.

Chlorine Dioxide is used to detoxify. It is made by combining sodium chloride with a mild acid such as citric acid or hydrochloric acid. It is started at very low amounts and always taken diluted.

It is used orally first and as full dose is reached an enema with Chlorine Dioxide is added to detoxify the liver, the gallbladder and the lymph system as well as kill pathogens in the colon. If there’s constipation it’s of added benefit for the person.

The dosage is increase based on weight or as tolerated.

The book describes in detail how to use with easy to follow directions and dosage by weight.

Of course, we always follow the lead of the body, we don’t just necessarily look at what a table says. We always want to make sure that we’re listening and we’re not pushing. We’re inviting the body to heal.

Chlorine Dioxide kills bacteria by attacking the physiological function of the cell, including the disruption of protein synthesis.

Chlorine Dioxide alters the permeability of the outer cell membrane.

Chlorine Dioxide diffuses through a protective layer of the cell and inactivates pathogens from the inside out. It prohibits both the anaerobic and the aerobic bacteria from developing resistance and eliminates the need to alternate biocide treatments.

A quote from the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine is:

“Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizer that effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses”.

Chlorine Dioxide is an oxidizing biocide not a metabolic poison.

CD deactivates microorganisms by attacking and penetrating their cell wall, disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis.

Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, oxidizing biocides are effective against dormant organisms and spores like Giardia Cysts and Polio virus.

Chlorine Dioxide, which is Clo2, is a solution with a septic body function, i.e. a state free of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, flagellates, fungi, parasites etc. is achieved in the body.

Chlorine dioxide helps the body to Heal by selective oxidation of these pathogens – by increasing alkalinity our body is able to recover.

Tetrachlorodecaoxide (TCDO) which is TCDO is a chlorite derivative. The chlorite matrix is a generic form of TCDO. It is a combination of chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide, making it patentable and lucrative, costing about six thousand US dollars of treatment yet not as good as Chlorine Dioxide.

The test was run through the National Institute of Health.

WF10 is an immunokine which contains the chlorite ion matrix/TCDO in clinical indications including inoperable pancreatic cancers and other inflammatory conditions.

WF10 has reduced chemo and radiation induced mucositis.

These are from the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management in the Journal of Medical Association of Thailand

Chlorine Dioxide is in our drinking water and it’s there to protect from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Chlorine Dioxide destroys microorganisms including viruses, bacteria fungi (candida) and parasites that cause various diseases.

Viruses are removed by a different mechanism as bacteria and other microorganisms: Chlorine Dioxide prevents the formation of special proteins necessary for viral growth, through denaturation which causes the destruction of the virus.

The elimination of pathogens generally takes between four hours and four weeks but is often less than one week.

This is true for all forms of infection other microorganisms, and have been reported as well for blood diseases like leukemia.

Chlorine Dioxide oxidizes the heavy metals in the body. There have been a number of hair analysis where the roots of the person’s hair were tested before and after taking Chlorine Dioxide. About two weeks later there was no heavy metals, including mercury, lead and others. This is a good indication of the absence or presence of heavy metals.

The oxidation of heavy metals is not the same thing as chelating, butt the results are similar.

When a heavy metal is Oxidized, it is simply neutralized and then can be eliminated by the body.


There are many reasons why chlorine dioxide is safe and friendly.

Environmentally, the byproducts formed when using Chlorine Dioxide are benign. Compare this to chlorinated byproducts formed when using chlorine or hypochlorite and you can see why so many pulp and paper mills use Chlorine Dioxide. They have virtually eliminated toxins, e.g. the trichloroethane from their waste streams, all of which used to pose significant risk for the environment.

Toxicological studies have shown Chlorine Dioxide and it’s disinfection byproduct, chlorite, pose no significant risk to human, animal or fish health. Chlorine Dioxide gas was first introduced into drinking water disinfection in 1944 at Niagara Falls.

Today over 1,000 municipal water treatment processes use chlorine dioxide.

There is no evidence that chlorine dioxide is a carcinogen.

Chlorine is not a carcinogen either. Eliminating the association between chlorine and chlorine dioxide as a potential source as well. Chlorine kills by chlorination not by oxidation like Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide can be found in toothpaste and mouthwash and other mouth products.

It is also used to treat drinking water and to rinse fruits, vegetables and meat before going to market. Making claims of its status as a carcinogen is baseless.

Peer review EPA studies of Chlorine Dioxide from September of 2000 show no human damage of any in the studies and 87% of the end product is chloride, one of the most important electrolytes in the blood that the body needs.

There are no studies that show harm to humans, and no studies at all that show that cancer can be caused with Chlorine Dioxide.

The study of CD is very well documented and peer-reviewed by the EPA.

The Body Uses Chlorine for:

  • Regulation of electrical functions of the cells, nerves and brains working properly.
  • Keeps the body’s acid-base balance.
  • Cell volume regulation so the cells don’t explode.
  • Eyesight
  • Bone building.
  • Metabolism (the process of turning food into energy).
  • The inhibitory action of glycine and some of the action of GABA relies on the entry of chlorine into specific neurons.
Some of the studies under controlled clinical conditions… EPA Says Chlorine Dioxide is safe to ingest!

The three phases of this controlled double-blind clinical evaluation of chlorine dioxide and is potential metabolites in human male volunteer subjects were completely uneventful. There were no obvious undesirable clinical consequences noted by any of the participating subjects.

The relative safety of oral ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide and its metabolites, chlorite and chlorate, was demonstrated.

The lab confirms drinking Chlorine Dioxide is safe for human and removes biofilms!

Chlorine Dioxide, the so-called “ideal biocide”, does not cause any harm to humans or animals. Drinking Chlorine Dioxide solution is practically harmless for animals and human beings while the same aqueous solution can be a very effective and a rapid killer for bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Chlorine Dioxide can remove biofilm swiftly, can penetrate into biofilms rapidly to reach and kill microbes living within the film.

The results were: no Chlorine Dioxide gas-related toxicity sign was observed during the entire study. The conclusion that CD gas, continuous for six months, was not toxic and under a condition that was simulating the conventional lifestyle in humans.

Two Peer Reviewed Studies Confirm Chlorine Dioxide Kills the Flu Virus

  • We demonstrate that infection of mice induced by aerosols of influenza A virus was prevented by chlorine dioxide gas at an extremely low concentration.
  • Chlorine Dioxide gas could therefore be useful as a preventative means against influenza in places of human activity without necessitating evacuation.
  • The results presented in this paper clearly demonstrates that inactivation of influenza virus by Chlorine Dioxide is due to oxidation.
  • Chlorine Dioxide is more efficient at killing viruses Than Iodine
  • Chlorine Dioxide inactivated polio virus more efficiently and was a more efficient virucidal agent than iodine.
  • Chlorine Dioxide has proven to kill multiple viruses including the human influenza virus, the measles virus, and the human herpes virus.
  • Chlorine Dioxide at concentrations from 1 to 100 parts per million produced potent antiviral activity, inactivating 99.9% of the viruses with a 15 second treatment.
The European Commission Designates Sodium Chlorite as a Medicinal Product for ALS

  • Sodium Chlorite is a precursor to Chlorine Dioxide and is also an oxidizing agent.
  • The Commission implementing decision was June 6 of 2013.
  • The medicinal products Sodium Chlorite is designated as an orphan medicinal product for ALS.

Metabolic poisons such as antibiotics can lead to organism resistance. With continued sub-acute exposure, resistance is common.

Chlorine dioxide is not a metabolic poison and resistance is not possible.

Paracelsus, the founder of the discipline of toxicology in the 1400s, stated that all substances are poison: there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.

  • So, if you have too much salt to drink, if you drink too much water you can die.
  • Nitroglycerine widens blood vessels and also makes dynamite.
  • Coumadin is a blood thinner and a rat poison
  • Visine has boric acid
Of our oxidative treatments there’s

  • Ozone which is a 2.07, which is very strong.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 1.78, still very strong,
  • The body is about 1.28 to 1.30, so we want to always be underneath that so we don’t do any harm. And
  • Chlorine Dioxide fits that perfectly at 0.95
and as you can see it’s still strong enough to kill the pathogens yet it doesn’t damage the body and that is probably the most important reason why, as a pro-oxidant, this is the key.

Chlorine Dioxide is a selective killer, meaning killing through oxidation.

Hydrogen peroxide and ozone are not.

The FDA uses CD to prevent disease by putting it on our fruits, vegetables and meats before we ingest them.

No One Should Publicly Make Statements That Chlorine Dioxide is the Same as “Bleach” Those who call CD “bleach” are endangering the lives of those who read any such deliberate deception or misinformation stated out of ignorance.

We have probably all seen warnings not to mix cleaning chemicals – specifically bleach and ammonia – because toxic gas is produced. What we all call “bleach” is sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO).

We have ammonia inside of us as a waste product. If Chlorine Dioxide was the same as bleach or if CD chlorinated anything we will be poisoned when it mixed with the ammonia inside of us. Just as CD is used for environmental, for Element Chlorine Free pulp mills because it does not chlorinate anything CD does not react with ammonia. This is one of the most important differences between CD and bleach and why it is not at all accurate to think that they are equal in potential harm or benefit.

If anyone ever thought CD and bleach were equal they might try using bleach instead of Chlorine Dioxide. Bleach would be dangerous, toxic and potentially fatal.

While Chlorine Dioxide is safe, particularly because it does not chlorinate and because it does not react with ammonia.

The toxicology of Chlorine Dioxide has been studied extensively, particularly with regard to exposure through ingestion, because chlorine dioxide is widely used in disinfection and food sanitation Applications.

The United States EPA has established a Reference Dose based on findings of a two-generation reproduction drinking water study in rats that identify a No Observed Adverse Effect level, so even at the lowest level and in the higher level of this, the 70 parts per million chloride.

The reference dose has been used by the US EPA to derive drinking water standards including a Maximum Residual Disinfectant level of zero point eight parts per million for chlorine dioxide and a Maximum Contaminant Level of one point zero parts per million for chlorite ion, the principal breakdown product of chlorine dioxide.

  • Drinking water is by far the largest source of human oral exposure to chlorine dioxide and chlorite.
  • Non-Toxicity of Chlorine Dioxide from Frontier Pharmaceuticals.
  • Many evaluations have shown Chlorine Dioxide compounds to be non-toxic.
  • Five decades of use have not indicated any adverse effects on health due to Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Toxicology tests include ingestion of CD in drinking water and more viruses were inactivated inside the cell.
  • This is particularly impressive considering that most virucides are cytotoxic, even at high dilutions.
  • Example, four thousand seeds heavily infected with bacteria were soaked for half an hour in Chlorine Dioxide and no bacteria remained after this period and the seeds grew normally
  • The United States government used Chlorine Dioxide to destroy Anthrax
  • CD played a hero in 2001 when it was used to destroy the deadly spores at the US Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.
Some of them are in the IU’s, some are for HIV infections, some are used in food additives.

This one I think is extremely interesting because if in fact chlorine dioxide was toxic, number five – they would not be using it to disinfect live blood because obviously that’s going to be going to sick people and you’d probably make someone pretty sick.

Against bacterial infections, regeneration of bone marrow, again you’re not going to use bone marrow in somebody who is healthy and the regeneration of bone marrow obviously would be beneficial.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia, immune system stimulation animals, immunological system stimulation, once again, injuries ingestion obviously, and is pretty good stuff to combat human amoebas too.

So, over-the-counter products with Chlorine Dioxide, most of them are for mouth, oral, canker, sores etc.

A side effect is something that a drug leaves, and can last forever even after the drug is no longer being consumed.

A Herxheimer reaction is a temporary symptom that means we are killing pathogens faster than the body can keep up with. When we slow down the detoxification process, the detox organs catch up and the symptom of the Herxheimer ends.

What I like to do is avoid all that all together and just go really, really low and slow.

The American Chemistry Council praises Chlorine Dioxide, saying that this chemical compound can be thought of as actors in the theater of Public Health, Chlorine Dioxide is one of the busiest performers. It is a disinfectant compound capable of destroying a wide variety of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, mould and Allard algae.
What about beneficial bacteria?

Chlorine Dioxide goes into the blood... it by passes the digestive tract... thats why the good bacteria doesnt get destroyed... it only kills bacteria that is acidic not alkaline... anything below a 7
Why are so many people ignorant? Because there conditioned to fear what they are taught to fear. That's how there controlled and remain finacial money making slaves. Educate yourselves and eliminate all disease, extend your life and save large amounts of your wealth.
I keep coming back to this to try to research as I have time. I find it interesting that the FDA claims it should never be ingested yet it is approved for multiple dental applications.

They say the same about fluoride yet pump it into our water, so their advice is inconsistent at best.

Anyway, just thought I would mention that.
I keep coming back to this to try to research as I have time. I find it interesting that the FDA claims it should never be ingested yet it is approved for multiple dental applications.

They say the same about fluoride yet pump it into our water, so their advice is inconsistent at best.

Anyway, just thought I would mention that.
The government recommends chlorine dioxide for water purification, and indeed many if not most municipal water treatment plants use it. So they actually recommend drinking water with chlorine dioxide in it...but only if you are doing it for water purification... Water Supplies
Maximise purity, eliminate THM and Bromate issues
  • Chlorine Dioxide water treatment was first applied in European drinking water in 1956, as a pre-oxidant to remove iron and manganese contamination from raw water prior to treatment.
  • Today, Chlorine Dioxide is applied throughout the treatment train - from the pre-treatment of raw and reverse osmosis feedstocks, through to the final disinfection and maintenance of a residual in the distribution network.
  • Applications for Chlorine Dioxide in municipal water disinfection are being driven by the ever stricter requirements of WHO standards, and associated national regulations that restrict the levels of harmful Bromates, Trihalomethanes (THMs) and other chlorinated organic compounds that are permitted to be present in drinking water supplies. Chlorine Dioxide water purification is an effective solution for THM reduction.

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