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Electric Cars

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Nora Michels

Jan 5, 2021
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I'd like an electric car because:

1. Gasoline is going to become a rare commodity that people kill each other over; I want no part of that lol.
2. Electric cars are super quiet and thus more stealthy; easier to bug out at night without anyone hearing me.
3. All that's needed to fuel it is a Solar Generator and the cable supplied with the car.
4. All that's needed to protect it from an EMP is a faraday garage/shipping container.
5. I'm a tree-hugging hippie who wants to do her part to help protect the environment lol.


1. Limited speed...but there's things I could do to mitigate this risk (armor, run-flats, caltrops/smoke-screen/oil-slick).
2. Limited horsepower...but I'm a minimalist anyway. Not to mention electric car technology is advancing.
3. Limited range...but with a virtually infinite, portable fuel source, this is kinda negligible lol.
4. Small size...but this might actually be a Pro in some cases lol, (maneuverability, easy to hide, easy to clean).

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