Helpful Info. Chlorine Dioxide is not a miracle, its just wonderful chemistry

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GP, here is where I ordered from...its the link danil posted previously:

Safrax Chlorine Dioxide Clo2 tablets - Water purification
PP can confirm for sure, but from his previous post, appears it's where he ordered from also?

That's correct. I'm using it like crazy. So many uses.
Not to sound outright stupid, but I have that link but am unsure of what to order. The picture you posted PP is not on that website. I see 3 options on it. None like what you posted…

They have 4 products. There the same except for strength. I believe 2 are identical just different marketing packages.
They are probably out of that one. Call them and ask the differences if you can't find out online.
Making another liter of CDS this morning.


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Glad to see chlorine dioxide is alive and well on this forum.

Truly one of the most important discoveries in the field of health in the last 100 years. Though so few people unfortunately know about it no doubt due to the lies told by the MSM. It could literally save millions of lives every year from cancer, malaria, etc.

Some countries like Bolivia have even made it their primary treatment for Covid, yet the brainwashed masses of Western countries freak out when told about this wonder treatment.

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