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Dec 12, 2012
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I live in a rental house. I try to prep, not for anything in particular since there are so many options on what could go wrong in our little world. It is pretty damn hard to do. You cant make any real changes to the place to make it better and ya really don't want to spend any money on the place either. Does anyone have this problem and what are you doing to work with it bugging in or out?


Nov 24, 2012
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USA - Tx DFW Area
Ssharp welcome to fourms once more. And way i look at it Sharp, since i myself do not have that situation goin on, but a good way to get started and not have to worry about building things, fixing up certain areas, etc. Use a room that is either yours or is empty and simply said as done have your BOBs- Bug Out Bags located there and packed. If not then start collecting things and saving up, purchase plastic tubs big or small anysize, label what all you have or purschased. And plus put up tear down shelves, Start shelveing all what you have collected, or store things on there or on a desk if possible. Once ready if you dont have BOB put together go forth with going through all your labeled supply tubs and start putting together a BOB kit and so forth, and keep on adding to it along the way, you can always find simple things around your house that can be added to your pack for watever reason you seem fit, A good example DUCK TAPE , DUCK TAPE its a fix anything kind of tool almost. And if you have on hand or you can purchase a GI issued duffle bag or bags and if you cant carry your food supply in your BOB, use the GI duffle and throw it all in and load up with your BOB or Hold down the fort!. Hope this little bit of info helps you out man, any questions feel free to ask and either me or anyone on site will answer them for ya.:m4:
Dec 16, 2012
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Water-logged survivalist State of Florida
I currently live in a rental, but going to be moving to a new place soon, within the next year or so, that is already prepped. Right now I have several BOB in the various locations that I am frequently in. I have two in my apartment, for me and my girlfriend, located in the closet right beside the door. I got hiking rucksacks, the fkind that fit your body like a glove, and filled each of them with everything that we would need to survive for up to a week. Mine's kind of heavy, weighing in at 100 pds, but I'm used to carrying weight like that and did it for years in the military so it's no big deal. My GF's is lighter, hitting about 50 pds. But between the two we have food, clothing, survival gear, weapons and ammunition ready to go on a moments notice.

I also have one in each of our vehicles. No where near as large as the ones in the apartment, but enough to see us through at least 72 hours.

Hope this helps. I've been prepping in a rental one bedroom apartment forever so if you have any question feel free to ask.

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