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How are we going to survive the next 10+ years?

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Aug 16, 2022
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I'm working my tail off, and am faithful. I don't know the purpose of my writing, maybe just frustrated, commiserating, dialogue, mutual assistance/support verbally...

Since 2020 nonsense, the plandemic shamdemic, the clot shots, the stolen election and cowardly lack of our leaders to stop these things I have grown very cynical and pessimistic on our nation's future, integrity, and leadership (lack thereof).

Economy: We have the worst economy outlook than perhaps in my 4 decades of living. We're in a recession, probably entering a depression, and our FED/.gov is too dishonest to even tell us the facts that we all see. Unlike the collapses of the 80s, 2001, 2008, and 2020, we just don't have the money to print to bail us out and now the more we print the worse it gets. We're adding nearly $1 trillion annually on just interest on the national debt, and all those debt and economic numbers are very cancerous. Many of the problems we have, could be stalled or fixed by monetary policy but at this point, as we saw for Covid relief, it did more harm than good. 70% living hand-to-mouth, 40 million in poverty, job losses, and on and on. Radical inflation is just out-of-control (thinking back to your first house, costs of food a few years ago, interest rates, and costs of living, etc.).

War: I was young when 9/11/01 hit. I joined and went to war. I was very patriotic and believed in the cause. Decades later, looking back, I am so angry at the fraud, the waste, the deaths, the lies, the lack of any real leadership or plans. It was just a big money laundering boondoggle that enriched the powerful political elites and their cronies. America ruined our reputation in GWOT. As I've aged, I have studied our other military actions in the last 6 decades. And it's upsetting to see how much fraud, waste, and abuses have occurred, sending our boys around the globe to die so that the Military Industrial Complex could get rich and powerful. In the early 2000s, I did not understand all of the Vietnam vets protesting against Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, but I do now. I now see the US funding a foolish expensive dangerous proxy war against Russia that is killing tens of thousands on both sides, and could go from very bad to annihilation of all involved. I am staggered at how unbelievably stupid this involvement is.

Frauds, Corruption, and Propaganda: We are living in a police state where most of the media and social media is complicit in propaganda. It's like living in a totalitarian nightmare. There are endless articles attempting to expose this, and few gain much traction but we all know it is true. The election fraud, the Covid frauds, the vaccine experiments and lies, the shutdowns, and on and on. The bulk of the political and corporate leadership class are varying degrees of highly corrupt.

I don't want this to be too long, but these are just scratching the surface of so many other socio-economic and social cancers - education, taxes, gun control, speech suppression, and on and on. The world, our nation, and even a number of states have just gone insane it seems...

What do you look for to have any hope? I'm really finding day-to-day to be just almost overwhelming while balancing my career, my household, my preps to survive through this.

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