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Oct 23, 2020
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The question, you can buy land in Washington state with the requirement to join or help establish a community of like-minded individuals. How much land do you need? What does the land need? How much will you pay for it?
How can anyone answer that until you tell us what is entailed in the "like minded" statement. Is this a prepper community, or a Jim Jones "drink this KoolAid" cult settlement? And for me, I want to know, how far away is the nearest emergency room?
Fair market value. I'd be concerned about the 'requirements' (sounds like a prepper version of an HOA... I don't like any HOAs). Reasons matter. Can you work from there? Are you ok living there, with or without SHTF? I'm no fan of Washington State, but parts of it are ok. Definitely not near the coast/liberals!
the nearest emergency room is 4 miles away. So there is acreage in Washington state, lots of it. There is no close city, just a small town. To turn it into housing development is just fiscally stupid. The land is secluded enough to be enticing to individuals who like their privacy. In order to make it plausible is to break it up and sell it off piece by piece. How many acres do we break it up by? We would have to sell to multiple families to make a profit. So what would make a land purchase look appealing to people outside of Washington? What would make you move and make Washington your new home?
Ah.... we have a 'land developer' wanting to create a prepper zone.

Advise: give it up. Unless you're a prepper, a serious one, an experienced one who can lead others, and willing to lead this effort and commit to it, then people will see right through you and walk away.

Specifically, I have zero desire to move to WA State. Sub zero. I would not consider anything under 100-200 acres for MY piece of this 'prepper haven'. There are plenty of people who want smaller tracts, they just have zero serious experience.
thank you for your advice. No, I am not a prepper and I do not plan on starting a community. I just thought that would entice more buyers. Would you say allot of preppers need that much land? 200 Acres is an option, but only a dozen times.
Enough land that I can shoot on the property whenever I want.
At least a mile from the nearest public road.
Decent (but not too good) road to the property from public road with easement and choke points.
Natural barriers between the property and the public road.
No busybody neighbors.
Game that can be hunted on the property.
Water supply that doesn't need power (spring, artesian well)
Long growing season.
Fertile soil.
Remote, but within cell coverage area.
No silly restrictive building codes or land use regulations (I think that alone eliminates Washington State)

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