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  1. S

    What will Make you move

    The question, you can buy land in Washington state with the requirement to join or help establish a community of like-minded individuals. How much land do you need? What does the land need? How much will you pay for it?
  2. L

    Difficult trying to find Preppers/Survivalist in my area Central West Coast Florida.

    I've been prepping for many years and have my own group which has been in operation at least 10 years now. I need to add a few additional people in the group but it is very difficult finding people in my area of Florida. I've read how I should go to "shows" but none are scheduled in Florida...
  3. SHTF prepper

    Prepper's Food Storage: 101 Easy Steps to Affordably Stock a Life-Saving Supply of Food (EPUB)

    Hey im new to this site but i will be using it to post free material i find online that help us all in our prepping. So for my first post i found a book that has some great information on prepping food. Prepper's Food Storage: 101 Easy Steps to Affordably Stock a Life-Saving Supply...
  4. Grayscale

    HI from ms

    Hey guys! New to this site. My husband and I were just looking for some like minded people and always searching for new info and ideas. I'm more so into learning the plants and medicinal purposes. My grandfather was a naturopathic doctor and I learned alot from him even started going to the...
  5. T

    New to the forum

    Hey everyone.... New prepper here in Tampa, FL here. Been an avid firearm hobbyist since I could crawl but not stepping up the prepping game since being educated of the super volcano in Yellostone that will cripple the nation if she blows. (which some of the experts say it could be now...or in...
  6. M

    Want to live off-grid?

    Hi everybody, Hope you won't mind me posting this here. Otherwise - huge apologies. Have you been thinking about building a new life off-grid? See the information below. I'm unfortunately unable to respond to any comments under this thread, but please do message me directly or email our...
  7. F

    Hello from Jacksonville Florida!!

    Hello from Jacksonville Florida! I am an experienced prepper looking forward to participating in any way I can!!