Two ongoing threats.. coronavirus and flu

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Mar 20, 2013
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Longlac Ontario
Just saw this:

and notice this has spread from the Gulf States in the ME and onward to Britain and there has now been a death in France. WHO just said it is a global threat, but didn't use the word pandemic.

None the less does anyone know about this virus, ways to protect against it etc...

Heads up, if you notice anyone with joint pain, and flu like symptoms get as far away from them as possible if they don't have a history of joint pain.

Kill rate for confirmed cases is over 50%

24 out of 44 confirmed cases. I'm uncertain if biological weapons could be used by ASSAD or other groups but it appears so far the virus has hit countries that are most critical of Assad and backing rebels, a long shot but you never know if reports of chemical weapons are true, even one point of exposure of this being released could baloon to thousands of people effected world wide. The threat level is very low but if cases keep popping up in two weeks or escalate in numbers take this caution with a grain of salt and stay tuned, but chances are it will be contained and drop off the map. Tunis has also seen a death.This is being dubbed by the French as nCoV the new corona virus, as opposed to SARS which was the last one that was traced to Hong Kong, this one has been traced to Dubai.

Likely just a passing event though.. looks like they are all over this one.
here is an article in French on how to stay safe In English cover your mouth and nose and wash your hands frequently, keep airflow circulating. This is a low threat level for us here in North America, chances are it will be ok so don't feel threatened just keep your eye out. The symptons are loss of apetite, fever, and hunching, increased or wheezy respiration.

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