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To vacc or not to vacc?

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Jan 5, 2018
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Amite, Louisiana
I am in grief over the deaths of a really close relatives family! My post is not to be about should people take the COVID-19 vaccine or not to take the COVID-19 vaccine! I just want to share with you my heart that is so saddened by the deaths of close relatives that I loved so very much. The deaths involve the family of my 1st cousin who died many years ago from a heart attacked and left his wife and his 2 daughters! In July of this year one of the daughters were taken to ER by her mother. A week or so their mom went to the ER with breathing problems, by the time help was sent to the other daughters home, when help got to her she was already turning blue. Her husband was also admitted to the hospital. So the mother and her two daughters and son-in-law all had COVID 19! The daughter who got to the hospital first spent 58 days in the hospital fighting COVID-19 for her life. Her mother, her sister, and her brother in-law died from the COVID 19 Virus. I have a home health nurse that comes out to see me once a week and I shared with her my saddened heart. I didn't know if they had taken the COVID 19 Vaccine and she told me they had not. I spoke with one of my relatives as to how they may have been exposed to CV-19 virus and was reminded that the daughter who got to ER first worked at a local grocery store in administration. She didn't know if the grocery store closed and let shoppers know of an employee had been hospitalized due to CV-19. All she knew was the grocery wiped down disinfected the store. This family was all but wiped out in 1mth. The daughter who survived is at home but is very weak and neighbors are helping and reallying around her. The daughter and her husband have older children. The mother did tell one of the grand-daughters to take the shot before she died. Our emotions đź’” heart broken. Witnessing the horrible distruction of this virus is for real, but the way CV-19 is being handled is just as horrible. I did take the 2 shots, time will tell of side effects from the shot as well of patients who survived this CV-19.

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