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72-hour kits are essential for every household in America. Not only do 72-hour kits provide a stable net for disasters or emergencies, they also provide a comfort to all those involved that if a disaster happens, you’ll be taken care of until you can get additional help. There is a lot of thought and preparation that go into 72-hour kits including food and water, bedding and clothing, and fuel and light sources.
The most important item for your 72-hour kits is food. The easiest types of food to pack into your kit are dry and canned foods. Granola bars, trail mix, crackers or cereal, canned tuna, chicken, and fruit should be the basis of the kit. A lot of water, 1 gallon or 4 liters per person (or more) is absolutely necessary to include as well. Candy or gum is also a good treat to include that will bring comfort and familiarity to a disaster. Just make sure you rotate the food regularly.
Bedding and clothing is critical to include in your kit as well. An extra change of clothing for each member of the family along with blankets and pillows should be included. When packing clothes for each individual, be sure to update them to the correct size regularly and include different outfits for the different weather.
During a natural disaster or emergency, most of the time the power will go out. This makes it unavailable to connect to any type of light or energy source. Having some sort of battery-powered lighting and radio will allow you to stay informed and survive as normally as possible until the disaster is over. An easy solution is using one of GOAL ZERO’s portable solar kits. This will allow you to have power even with a power outage. Sunlight is gathered, energy is stored in the battery that can be used later. Portable solar generators work just like portable solar panels but can be used to power objects such as a light source or a radio that is not crank powered and needs to be plugged in.
72-hour kits are important to have ready in case of any sort of emergency. Your kits should be inspected and updated at least twice a year. Your food and water should be rotated every six months to be sure you have everything you need. 72-hour kits are incredibly important and need to be a priority in the home.
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