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Mar 13, 2017
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I got this from our other forum.

5 Levels of Preparedness

Level 0 Every Emergency is a Disaster

Less than 2 weeks of food in the home

No water purification system

No bug out bag

No defensive weapons

No way to produce their own food

No physical gold or silver

No tangible assets to barter

Level 1 Can survive two weeks of Minor Emergency (such as ice storm)

Have sufficient water and food for two weeks of emergency

Able to heat house for two weeks without relying on the power grid by use of the power grid

Able to cook their meals for two weeks without relying on the power grid

Has a first aid kit

Likely has no defensive weapons

Must leave their home after two weeks due to lack of preparation

Level 2: Can Survive One Month of an Emergency (such as major hurricane)

Likely has a portable power generator and sufficient fuel for one month of operation

Has handguns or shotgun to defend their home

Has a month’s work of canned goods to eat from

Has sufficient prescription medicines for 30 days

Has enough batteries for power a portable radio for 30 days

Level 3: Can Survive Three Months of an Emergency (such as martial law or impacting earthquake)

Has a deep-short term pantry

Likely has a water purification system

Likely has defensive weapon for each family member

Likely has some type of neighborhood safety watch or 24 hour security watch rotation at the home

Has stocked wood to burn in fireplace and/or iron stove

Has communication gear to keep track of local and world events

Has means to recharge batteries without relying on power grid

Has three months of prescription medications

Level 4: Can Survive One Year of an Emergency (such as currency devaluation, economic depression)

Has a deep short- and long-term food pantry

Likely has their own garden to produce food

Likely has small-sized farm animals to produce protein (chickens, goats, rabbits)

Has a deep supply of ammo (2000+ rounds per weapon)

Has a spare weapon in event of damage

Has mean to produce herbal medicines to replace prescriptions

Has a long-term store of antibiotics

Likely has dog for security watch

Has full 24 hour rotation of security watch on the home (requires 6 adults)

Show have secondary off-site storage of food, weapons, and ammo

Is ready to bug-out with full hiking and camping gear, if security situation degrades

Is able to educate their children at home

Level 5: Can Survive Indefinitely from Home during an multi-year SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation

Has a fully functioning large garden or small farm for food production

Is able to can and store the results of food harvest for the coming year

Is able to harvest seeds for next year’s planting

Is able to raise multiple generations of farm animals (cattle, sheep, horses)

Has horses for local and distance travel

Has enough ammo to last a generation (10,000+ rounds per weapon)

Has spares of each weapon and lots of extra magazines

Able to generate their own fuel (bio-diesel, alcohol)

Likely has fully functional solar power bank with deep storage batteries

Has natural on-site water sources for farm and home

Has home-based business to generate income

Is able to build new building and make any necessary repairs to existing buildings

Is able to provide excess food for charity

Has a secondary residency (such as mountain cabin) for full bug-out

Is prepared for minor surgery and child birth at home

Has stores of gold and silver for barter

Is able to produce their clothing (from raw wool or raw cotton with spinning wheel and small loom)
I'm good at level four except I don't have six adults here at the moment. And our one dog is pretty blind, and the other likes to eat chickens when he's let loose. I imagine that our adult kids will be here if things get bad, and they were raised well enough to handle things. So that would increase our security.
We are at level 4.5. No spinning wheel nor horses. Also no biofuel production, yet. Son has one he will be bringing.

Neighbor beside us has cattle and sheep as well as grow their own feed. They are long term mountain folks who have joined our group. We are investing in several eBikes soon, which will help us not require horses. I would highly suggest others take a look at them. Just got a sawmill, so we can make our own building materials. Will make a nice side business as well.
I'll never be a level 5, even if I had a windfall for various reasons. I like the rating system, though!

My personal opinion is that you don’t need to be at level 5. You only need to be adaptable and have a few decent neighbors who know how to farm. Blessings and protection from the Lord is tops!
I will not put my prep level out on the laundry line . However I find some serious prepper failures even on the level 5 way of thinking . Then again I think different than most folks , When I went into the military they gave a mental processing test to several hundred of us and then told every body to leave the room except me and 3 other guys . Then they said we had the mental aptitude they were looking for and asked if we would like to try to pass the physical requirement to enter Green Beret training . -- I suppose the level list is based on SHTF scenarios , that doesn't go into the dark realm of my mind .

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