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  • Posting

    Posting on Doomsday Prepper Forums is fairly straightforward.
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    In order to post, you need to Log in or Sign up.

    From any "new thread" page, reply box, or private message box, you can type a message that will be posted to the conversation. If it is a new thread, then it will be a new public discussion. If it is a reply, then it will be added to the end of that discussion. If it is a private message, then it will be sent privately to the participants of the conversation (usually between you and one other person).
  • New thread

    When you're looking at the list of threads in a forum, the New Thread button is on the right side of the page, just above or below the list of threads. It looks like this: Post New Thread

    When you click this button to start a new thread, you will post a fresh discussion to the forum. To help avoid duplicate threads, make sure there isn't already a recent discussion about your topic by browsing through the last few pages, or using the search box in the menu at the top.

    You can use this page to create a poll for your thread. You'll find the options below, at the bottom of the page.

    When you're ready to post, click the button, and you will be taken straight to your new thread.

    People can identify threads posted by you by seeing your avatar as its icon in the list, so make sure you have an eye-catching avatar!
  • Replying to a thread

    To reply to a thread, find the quick reply box at the bottom, type your post, and then hit .

    To reply by quoting someone's post, find the "Reply" link at the bottom right corner of the post you want to quote, click it, and you'll jump straight to that reply box. If you want to quote more than one person, rather than posting once for each quote, just scroll back up and hit "Reply" to the next post you want to quote and it will add the next quote to the end of your post.
  • Private messages/conversations

    Your inbox contains private conversations (also commonly called private messages or PMs) between you and other people.

    Private conversations are laid out just like threads, with the oldest message on top and the newest messages on bottom. This makes it easier than sending messages back and forth and needing to quote the entire message to be able to remember the context. After a few of those back and forth, you start getting a quote-inside-a-quote box that's bigger than the state of Texas and it just looks kind of ugly. So, now, it works just like a thread but only you and the other participants of the conversation can view it.
  • Controls and options

    You can get a preview of how your post will look by clicking the button below it. This will show you what the post will actually look like after processing it for videos, images, links, and BB code tags.

    From the quick reply box in a thread, the button brings you to the full posting page which gives you, naturally, more options. You get a bigger box to type in, and you can choose whether or not to watch a thread or receive email notifications.

    If you have selected to use the rich text editor to create and edit messages (see account preferences), you will have a lot of controls at the top of your post box to use to format your message. They work pretty much like any text editor.

    Some of the buttons work two ways:
    1. One way, if you do not select text to modify, is that they work like on/off switches. Click once to turn on that formatting style, and all of the text you type after that will be formatted that way. Click it again once you're done typing in that style.

      For example, to type your next word in bold, you could click the B icon, type your word, and then click the B icon again.
    2. Another way is by selecting text. For some buttons, this is the only way it will work.

      For example, to make a word you've already typed bold, start by selecting it. You can select it with your mouse by clicking and dragging, or select it with your keyboard (hold in shift and use the arrow keys).

      When the text you want to change is highlighted, click the formatting button you want.
    Below is a list of all of the formatting controls available on the full rich-text editor.
  • Font color

    This is the font color button. It has a little arrow to the right of it that you can click to select the color. Then, to turn that color on or off for any particular text, click the A. The underline shows what color you will make the text. You can select text that is already colored and click this button to change it back.
  • Undo/Redo

    These buttons allow you to undo and redo your typing or changes that you've made. Clicking Undo (the left-pointing arrow) will reverse a change, and if you didn't mean to undo, clicking the Redo button (right-pointing arrow) will undo the undo. Make sense? You can also use your keyboard: Ctrl+Z for undo, Ctrl+Y for redo.
  • Font styles

    These buttons change the decoration/style of the text. The icon will show you what will happen to the text by clicking it.
  • Text alignment

    These buttons change where your text is aligned in your post. By default, your post is aligned to the left, but if you want to center some of your text, click the middle button here. Do this for short lines that you want to emphasize in long posts, but avoid centering your entire post, as it can make it hard to read. Aligning to the right can be neat for signatures and stuff like that.
  • Lists

    This button adds a bullet list to your post. Click it once to put a bullet in front of the line you're typing on, click it again to turn the bullet off.
    • Example of a bullet list
    This button works just like bullets, but gives you an ordered list instead, which means it numbers the items.
    1. Example of a numbered list
    2. If you press enter while typing in a bullet list or a numbered list, you'll start a new list item (new bullet or a new number).
    3. Press enter again on a blank line (in other words, press enter twice), or click the list button again to finish your list and go back to normal typing.
  • Indentation

    Indenting and outdenting allows you to give or take extra padding from your text. When you indent regular text or bulleted lists, it shifts to the right, kind of like typing the tab key on a word processor. The tab key does not work here (since pressing tab moves to the Reply/Post button), so you'll have to click two special buttons on the editor in order to change the indent:

    The Outdent button shifts the line you are typing on, or the text you select, to the left. If it's part of a list and you're already at the lowest indent possible for the list, then it will remove the bullets or numbers from the list.

    The Indent button shifts the line you are typing on, or the text you select, to the right. If it's part of a numbered list, it will become a sub-list of whatever list it's inside. Meaning, if you indent some items from the middle or the end of a numbered list, the numbering will start over as if what you indented was a separate list. So, you can have a numbered list with several levels, each with their own numbering scheme.
    1. Example of a numbered list
    2. With an indented sub-list:
      1. First item
      2. Second item
      3. Third item
    3. And another:
      1. First item
    4. etc.
  • Links, images, and videos

    The link button lets you change some of your text to point to a link to another page or another site. First, select the text that you want to change to a link, and then click on this button to insert a new link. You'll be asked for the URL to the site. This is just the web address for what you want to link to. It starts with http:// and might end with another / or it might have a page name like index.html. Once you click Insert, the color of the text will change to indicate that you've changed it to a link.

    If you want, you can just type or paste a link to a web address directly into your post without selecting text. It will automatically be converted to a clickable link after posting. Also, if you have a BB Code URL that somebody gave you to share (which looks like http://coolsite.bro/, you can just paste that directly into your post and the forum will convert it to a link when you preview or submit the post.

    This button lets you remove any links from the text that you select so that they're just regular text.

    These buttons will let you add images and video to your post. These are for images or videos that are already posted on the net. To attach a file to your post that is stored on your computer, use the button between the Post and Preview buttons.
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