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Cadillac Prepares Meet Up and Training

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Apr 4, 2017
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Near Cadillac, MI
Cadillac Prepares

Informal peer led training is being organized on home preparedness for anyone who may have interest about natural and man made disasters. Meetings will take place at a public location once to eventually maybe twice a month an hour or two at a time. One instructor will be giving the classes initially but once comfort levels have been met then others will be welcome to give classes. Class material must be accurate and instructors will have to provide sources of subject matter information. We will learn from our strengths and weakness together.

One of the benefits of being prepared is that if an emergency happens first responders will have less high demand emergency calls to make and you and your family will not have to rely on any outside help.

One of the goals of having the class is for group members to have the ability to network and hopefully develop friendships. Classes will be 1 to 2 hours long and initially once a month on Saturday. Below are some of the subjects that will be covered in no particular order. It will basically be what direction the group wants to go in.

http://www.michigan.gov/michiganprepares Michigan labels its natural threats as disease outbreaks, earthquakes, extreme heat, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, wildfires and winter weather. What is not labeled is economic or social breakdown, EMP/solar flare, nuclear war or nuclear power plant accidents.

We will be discussing in this group the subjects air, shelter, water, food, medical and security requirements with the addition of a few other subjects like Homesteading, Bushcraft, Nuclear Biological and Chemical procedures.

All attendees will be given a large electronic library on a DVD disk. Classes will be prepared from this library and information from the FEMA website https://www.ready.gov/ and other sources as necessary.

A location to do this training at is needed. Some place that may have a conference room or class room. Anyone interested in donating use of a room in a public setting should email at the below address. Two locations has been already found. Still seeking a better location that has a white or black board and/or could facilitate projector.

Please spread the word on social media, email friends/family. Please email to be notified for any upcoming training events and locations at: [email protected] Once a definite location has been found and we have enough people for a class we will begin. Look up the group on Facebook under the same name Cadillac Prepares. If you want more information on the library then email. It is to much information for this post. Thank You

Future Class Subjects

We will begin discussing in this group the basics that you should start with like air, shelter, water, food, medical and security requirements .

Without air, you can die in 3 minutes. Air and respiratory protection requirements could be fire/smoke/ carbon monoxide alarms, Gas masks and face masks because of pandemics, nuclear war or power plant accidents. Did you know that Michigan is surrounded by Nuclear plants? http://www.nrc.gov/info-finder/reactors/ There is quite a few plants in Wisconsin that if something were to happen we could be in trouble. Here is a wind map that could possibly show you the air currents that could carry fallout to Michigan http://hint.fm/wind/ My guess is that if this were to happen the safety area would be for us in the Cadillac area is to travel to the upper peninsula. The health department issues Potassium Iodate KIO3 to help protect your thyroid from radioactive iodine to those that live or work near a nuclear power plant only. You can buy it online from various vendors.

Shelter can be anything to get you out of the elements, in acclimate weather death can result rapidly from hypothermia and hyperthermia: If you were to loose power how would you stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer? Some may have a generator but do you have back up fuel. Do you know what type of fuel to use and how to properly store it? Do you have contingency plans. We will also learn about bushcraft shelter skills which will benefit you if you become a lost hiker or fill in the blank.

You can only live 3 days without water: If you loose power how will you obtain water? If you drink unfiltered or unsanitized water from surface water like lakes or rivers you will get sick. Do you know how to sanitize or filter surface water? What about long term water storage?

Without food you can only live two weeks: If something were happen with the trucking industry, grocery stores are only 3 days from being empty. We will discuss long term, short term food storage. What to store, how much to store, different preserving methods such as canning and dehydrating, bushcraft skills will also be discussed.

Medical care: If there were a serious societal breakdown how would you get medical care for a love one? You need to have some medical training. You need to have first aid supplies on hand. We will learn basic first aid to include evaluate a casualty, bandaging, splinting a fracture, burns and treating for shock, CPR/Rescue breathing, trauma care, field sanitation and preventive measures, pandemic/isolation/sick rooms.

Security: What would you do if your child is crying because they are starving? Then take that same answer and think about John Doe down the road that does not care about you and yours just what you have. You need to have an ability to protect yourself and your family. We will also look at civil unrest and active shooters, detaining and retraining a person.

Evacuation Bags: Bug Out Bags/Get Home Bags/INCH Bags styles and content

Bushcraft: Outdoor survival skills.

NBC: Information for nuclear, biological and chemical incidents, how to prepare, react to and decontaminate from them.

EMP/Coronal Mass Ejection/Solar Flare: Can and will destroy modern electronics. We will discuss ways to protect your electronics.

Alternative Energy: Generator, solar and other energy sources. Operation and safety.

Homesteading: Home steading is really about the way a lot of people in the area live their lives and care of animals like chickens, goats, pigs and cattle.

Library: Discussion of various ways to have a library and what subjects to have hard copies on and electronic books. All attendees will be given an electronic library on a DVD disk.

Don't forget email [email protected] or look us up on Facebook. Please share and feel free to download and share the information documents.


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