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I looked it up. The Texas Supreme Court struck down a similar law in Laredo, ruling that it violated State Law. Austin then announced that they would no longer enforce the no bag law.

My friend was a part of the environmentalist group that helped push the bag ban in Laredo.
I told her then she was barking up a tree she couldn't fell.
She being a Democrat, said that it was what people needed to do whether they liked it or not.

I loved my "I told you so" moment when the law was struck down.
As a former Austin couple, me and the wife, she went to UT as well, I can agree with this. I left in 2011 and didn’t notice the leftism then but I was younger and have been proverbially red pilled over the last few years. It’s interesting to see the change in Austin and the surrounding area since I grew up about an hour from there and saw it grow to what it is today. I remember when there used to be an empty spot between Austin and Round Rock.
We were there in the late 60's & early 70's, so we saw the transformation of Austin undergo its very earliest phases of liberalism.
Can’t imagine the vast change between then and now. That would be immense. Pretty much when Austin was a college town that was also the capital. I only remember from the mid to late 80’s on.

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