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Silent Bob

God Like
Mar 20, 2014
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Writing another post on medical items that should be a part of your IFAK, Trauma or Medical Kit. The Asherman Chest Seal has been a standard treatment item in most Combat Medic treatment bags during the Afghanistan/Iraq campaign. I know that I have introduced on the forum the HALO Chest Seal, but I still maintain a good quantity of Asherman Chest Seals for chest injuries that don't have a "through and through" bullet wound.

Why may you ask, because unlike the HALO which is perfect designed for a "through and through", the Asherman bring something that is unique that the HALO does not...a flutter valve in the middle of the Asherman allows exhalation of the lungs once the seal is tight, therefore reducing the potential for a tension-pneumothorax. You can find this on many medical websites and at times, you can pick up a good deal on Ebay...just a word to the wise contact seller to make sure that the product is not open and what the return policy might be, if you find a defective one.

I've included a video

Note: Their are two other products out there...they Hyfin and Bolin...which work about the same way. Later in June, I will do two additional write-ups on these two other seals for the forum.

Note 2: You will find that Asherman, Hyfin and Bolin are a bit easier on the wallet that the HALO.

doc pops

Aug 24, 2013
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Silent Bob is correct on the single entry thorax wound! I would like to note that you may need to dry the area and use tincture of benzoin the help the chest seal adhere/seal to the chest. Blood, sweat, diaphoresis may inhibit the chest seal from sticking, no matter who produces the C/S or if you make an occlusive dressing out of what is on hand.
Just a side note TINTURE of BENZION burns because of the alcohol content. ToB can be used to help Sheri strips or butterfly sutures adhere. Just thought I would add some extra info to Silent Bob's post.
Good luck, be safe, and God bless.

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