Put on a skirt and say you're a girl, go into the girls bathroom - gee what can go wrong?

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"As the girls began to shower, the male student approached them, entered the shower area, announced 'I'm trans, by the way,' and then fully undressed and showered next to the girls,"
They should have tied IT up with towels, laid IT on the floor AND TURNED THE HOT WATER ON IT and
announce that this is the USUAL INITIATION for new-comers......................
OK, if those kids want to play in sports and learn to win gracefully and learn to LOSE gracefully....WHY DON'T THEY GO AND PLAY IN THE PROFESSIONAL LEAGUES and just LOSE TO SOMEONE who is better than you and not try to pump up their BLOWN UP EGO and only play sports against those persons who are never gonna be a big and strong as you.
Send the "wanna-be-bitches" onto the Judo mats with women, put them into the boxing ring with real women boxers, let them try to fight real women in the MMA and find out if they wanna really be a woman.
To beat women SWIMMERS, TENNIS PLAYERS, VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS AND BICYCLE RIDERS is easy as they are NO-CONTACT sports....try boxing, MMA and Karate you cheap little boy bitch....

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