Put on a skirt and say you're a girl, go into the girls bathroom - gee what can go wrong?

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BTW - in german speaking news wasn't an single word from where the raptists are.
It's almost right extremey, nazi and democratic enemy if you even think about it may could be an non-withe.

But it was almost clear it must been immigrants or foreigners when the media dosn't talk about. If it would been Italians the you'll see it in big, fat letters...

I never ever thinked about i'll wake up in such extreme times one day where the only free meaning the same have to be as the government meaning.
The University of Bern (Switzerland) engaged already two ukrainian scientists tho find an list people who are critical agains the Ukraine.

Can anyone trow a few bombs please?

A young White man got charged with a FELONY for driving over the fag flag!!! Sorry folks, but I hereby refuse to call them “gay”’ any longer. The word does not fit and is nothing more than the theft of a word our culture used for years to describe fun and other positive emotions. Much like the appropriation of God’s Rainbow.

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