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@Roninsensei : Krav Maga primarily; that's what dad started me out on as a little kid and it's just sorta become my default, but I also have training in Hapkido, Aikido (primarily samurai sword-fighting), Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Shaolin Kenpo Karate, and Judo. (In order from most experience to least experience).

My go-to is Krav Maga unless I discover my opponent is also a Kravist, at which point I'd switch up tactics on them and use a blend of the other martial arts I have training in to keep them guessing by making my moves more unpredictable.

I'd REALLY like to take up Savate and Capoiera (almost more of a dance; music is a big part of it too lol), and the reason for that is because I have like ZERO kickboxing experience, and martial arts such as Savate and Capoeira would really come in handy if my hands are either tied up or otherwise preoccupied; probably carrying one of my nieces or nephew, seeing as it's hard for me to imagine being tied up and unable to escape lol; escape and evasion was probably the biggest part of me and my sister's training regime, especially after what happened in Utah. ...Kinda hate my dad; he was always more of a drill sergeant than a daddy; saw us less as his children and more like his soldiers in the coming holy war or whatever. Mixed-feelings on the way he raised us. =P
Oh, and I can't speak for others, but the reason I don't feel a need to spend hundreds of dollars on knives is because I can literally find or create a knife anywhere lol, and between the KA-BAR knife in my purse, the folding knife on my leatherman, the push dagger on my belt, (still leaning towards the small keychain push dagger lol), and the hatchet in my backpack, I don't foresee needing to create or find a knife for quite some time after bugging out and getting to my safe house. I have yet to build my safe house / bug out location; still looking for the perfect area with adequate natural resources in my general geographic region; no more than a hundred miles away; I'm currently looking at a reservoir/lake that's known for it's rubies and turquoise; probably some gold in the surrounding areas too, god I love living in the Treasure State lol. I figure between the lush forest, large body of water, rock formations, and valuable gemstones, I should be able to craft a nice improvised homestead using primitive technologies like clay pottery and roman cement. Get a sort Medieval chic vibe going on, plant some yams and whatnot, build some nice gardens with flowers, make it all purty lookin' lol; keep all my secret prepper gear and weaponry down in the DUNGEON via a secret hatch lmao; it's gonna be super cute. =P
Krav is good enough. Aikido is not a sword art. Don’t rely on it for that. Lol. Hapkido is just aikido with punching and kicking tossed in. Both are just Daito Ryu Jujutsu lite. Lol. Savate over Capo any day. Capo is not very useful unless you wanna do movie tricks than I say go for it. If you’ve taken Taekwondo than you can skip Capo completely. Just add some kicking back flips to what you already know. Lol. If you get a chance expand into Kali or Escrima. You’ll find similarities to krav and Jujitsu. The difference being they are more focused on weapons.
Also, trust me. I have the ability to knap out or even forge a knife and I’d still choose to spend at least 100 dollars on a decent knife. Is the Kbar a military model?
I will be performing no back flips in combat lol; probably wouldn't have the precision for that due to adrenaline; biggest reason I love Krav Maga so much; super simple and useful when your fight or flight instincts are kicking into high gear; most of my other martial arts training flies out the window because it requires too much precision; particularly aikido, very few of those techniques function the way they're supposed to unless you're totally relaxed, (I do whatever the first of the three primary styles are); my German sensei is like, 90 years old and studied under Ueshiba back before Ueshiba started teaching a de-militarized version of it; a lotta people seem to have the misconception that aikido is a peaceful/nonviolent martial art now because of that, but a big part of the original aikido was swordplay, although Kendo is a lot more in depth; aikido at least goes into the basics of how to use a katana, proper etiquette for handling it, etc. A lot of the training is also staff techniques which could translate over to a katana.

And I'm not sure if it's a military model or not; it looked big and sharp but small enough to squeeze into my handbag and that was good enough for me lol; I'll try to get a link to it real quick.
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Ok that’s more of a fighting than survival knife. Lol so we can move on to a better survival knife for you. Lol
Meh the tanto tip has pretty much one use. You would almost never attempt skinning or processing animals with it. It’s designed to do the maximum amount of trauma to the body in slashing and stabbing. If you plan on using it to do much else (ok maybe opening a can) you’ll find it’s a terrible design for other tasks. It’s a crap wood processer and skinning tool. There’s only a small tang going into that handle and most hard tasks it will bend or break on. I can show you hundreds of Kabars failing at the handle because of the small tang. You have an axe which should do most of the wood processing for you so that’s why I threw in a small animal processing blade.
Love the leatherman wave knife for skinning small game animals; used it quite a few times and it's still razor sharp lol. Might not do as well on larger animals, but I plan on living off of plants and insects for the most part; particularly in the beginning when stealth is likely a bigger priority. Fishing, trapping and snaring small game animals will be all I'd need for meat; I wouldn't even wanna risk trying to kill anything larger than a coyote out of fear of wasting any meat due to all the flies and possibly hot, humid weather; not confident enough in my butcher/hunter skills to risk that, plus it's especially unnecessary if I'm just acquiring food for myself. Nope; fish, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, insects and plants will suffice just fine; I could make a mighty fine stew outta that, maybe throw in some berries for extra flavoring lol. #BushcraftCuisine XD
I’m well aware of Aikido. I have a Sandan in the Yoshinkan. I became serious about my Kenjustsu and found that the Aikiken was seriously lacking and got my ### handed to me by real kenjutsu and kendo players. Ps when Ueshiba was tougher it’s because he was teaching Daito Ryu lite. I have 42 years of martial arts training focusing mostly on Japanese arts but found myself wandering to a lot of places. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from some of the greatest and world renown Sensei and Sifu and Professor. I’m certified to teach 7 styles of martial discipline. Aikido, Daito Ryu, Wing Chun, Ninjutsu Aka Bujinkan (mainly freestyle Jujutsu’s this one is. Lol) Escrima, Kempo, and Aiki Okami Ryu Jujutsu. I’m a bladed subject matter expert and have testified in court on the subject and taught seminars world wide on the subject. So when it comes to this stuff I kind of know a lot about it. Not to mention I’ve been a contractor and bodyguard as my life’s profession. 😉
Now I'm currently looking at this knife as my 1st Line defensive blade:

And combining it with this sexy sheath lol:

That'll help make it blend in with the other two leather holsters on my belt; can't be committing any crimes against fashion, now can we? XD

Main reason is because as much as I like the little one inch push dagger, I'd really like the ability to also slash at arteries. This karambit isn't double edged though, but that can be easily fixed with the metal file on my leatherman and the kitchen knife sharpener lol. My uncle might have a grinder too, but if not no biggie; I've made a lot of knives double edged with my leatherman before, it just takes a really long time lmao.

I also like the finger hole that doubles as a brass knuckle or glass breaker. :)
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Now that video REALLY puts things into perspective so much more effectively lol. Thank you very much for sharing! I stand corrected! XD

(I'm a visual learner lol. =P)
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