The Fall of Hospitals

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Then factor in the fall of Evergrande corporation and their other real estate Ponzi schemes, the failing of the Plandemic, the awakening of the world and their lack of needed food for the population. The Chinese Communist Party appears to be deep in their own excrement now.
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Why do you think they are doing this?
A country divided will fall.
Ask yourself- while everyone is distracted about vaxx status, what other documents are being released? What other legislation is being passed under our noses without us knowing about?
Medical institutions have always been broken, our healthcare system has always been broken.
The problem is now at the forefront for the rest of the country to see it.
The problem is people (whoever they may be) that feel the need to tell docs what they can and can’t prescribe. Losing medical innovation is when we fail.
It’s how we found out the side effect of viagra (which is used to treat pulmonary hypertension).
The problem has also been people who think medical care is synonymous with a Hilton stay coupled with Burger King service - you can’t have it your way. You don’t choose your own adventure - you get medical treatment based on evidenced based practice, tailored for your condition. That’s the way it is, and has been- but now courts and politicians are stepping in.
Prudent care has gone by the wayside and the mantra “well it doesn’t hurt” has replaced “first do no harm”.

If you don’t agree with the care provided by a hospital, then don’t go. Hospitals are full enough as it is. We finally have a bit of breathing room with Covid numbers down.

Find a provider who will treat you as an outpatient with the protocols you demand, however keep in mind they don’t work 100% of the time, and it’s better to seek care sooner rather than later.
Is it possible that the Chinese (or Deep State or someone else) has infiltrated the medical institutions;

This will be as you write, however, still deal with Klaus Schwab, his WEF and the "Great Reset."
One plays into the hands of the other, and Schwab has long since installed his people at the front and saws off his opponents, such as Trump.

Either the system wins in the end or we do, but one thing will be for sure, the losing side will disappear very quickly and suppressed so that you will never hear from them again.
Germany has just decided to close 34 hospitals and hospital sites in the middle of a supposed pandemic where hospitals are already full.

It proves that there is no pandemic and the closure of 34 hospitals only serves to reduce the number of IPS beds and that the politicians can tighten the screw against the unvaccinated (in one year only 2 vaccinated) even more.
That's a good point Proud Prepper, but jenner blindly obeys the CDC and then tries to spread the disinformation here. Considering the FDA hasnt approved the booster for people under 65, isn't everyone under 65 considered un-vaccinated even if they had both shots? Their twisting the truth!

This isn't some woke-liberal forum jenner, and makes me wonder if you realizes who your trying to fool.. Now I don't believe a word you say, including the BS story about your friend dyeing from covid. Your blindly believing the results of the misused PCR test which has >90% false positive rate and is meaningless as a diagnostic tool to determine an alleged infection.

People die all the time jenner, but it's rarely because of covid unless they were hospitalized. Here's a capture from the FDA's virtual meeting which swayed the vote 16-2 against the booster. Maybe you should watch it or find sheeple on some woke forum to fool.

View attachment 13764

We certainly know who was correct and who was a quak. What is insane, there's still people getting covid shots.

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