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Perimeter Security & Defense

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Apr 4, 2017
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Near Cadillac, MI
D Day Cricket Clickers.jpg Cricket Clicker.jpg Glow Stick (chem light) Alarm.jpg making-a-trip-wire-alarm-system.jpg D Day Cricket Clickers.jpg Cricket Clicker.jpg Glow Stick (chem light) Alarm.jpg making-a-trip-wire-alarm-system.jpg During and after a serious SHTF incident like an EMP or a terrorist attack. We may loose power and if it is a long term event then generators will eventually run out of fuel, rechargeable batteries will wear out. We just may have to learn to adapt without electricity. Without power then you will not be able to operate electronic communication systems.

For many of us we depend on radios to communicate with others as part of our security protocols. I am going to briefly write about different methods of non electrical communication means and other security methods that may include solar/batteries.

During WW2 at the beginning of D Day. Airborne soldiers behind enemy lines used a cricket children toy to signal friend from foe.. Here is a reproduction cricket clicker that was used during D Day.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/142236263991?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT They are going for $9.99 each or so on eBay depending on the listing.

For an alternative with a much cheaper price, this eBay listing is a dozen children cricket clickers for $4.98 with free shipping. Other listings of the same product were wanting around $8.00 for a dozen. I was impressed with the clickers when they arrived most of the product is made out of metal.


These clicker could be used in the same manner as the WW2 soldiers used them. You can use these assuming you have manpower made up of friends and family members to guard your homestead. If you are smart you will have LP and OP positions to alert you of incoming threats, guards on your entrances and roving guards. These clickers could be issued to your guards so in the middle of the night if they need to challenge someone they can use the clicker and it wont immediately give away their position like a voice will. Then the response will be another clicker.

Other forms of communication could be:

Powerful whistle. Different tweets on the whistle could mean different things or simply the whistle could mean attack or retreat.

Air horns, the kind you buy in the watercraft section of Walmart or whatever store. You can buy them for sport events also. Those would be good for perimeter or gate guards to warn of an unwelcome guest.

Brightly colored flags or arm and hand signals are used in the military when you are at a distance from one and another and you do not want to make noise. These techniques are used while on a security patrol or when your trying to maintain radio silence.

You can get 12ga alarms. The alarm uses a blank round, or a CS teargas round or a flare. Other rounds like buckshot could be used but they will ruin the devise and the fact that setting it up with this type of ammunition is dangerous especially if you have kids in the area. This warning devise is awesome as it can guard your perimeter when you are not right there and alert you when there are intruders.

Smoke Grenades, when I say grenades, I am not necessarily speaking of military smoke, just a smoke generating devise in general. Smoke can be useful for screening troop movements or using a certain color like red, it can be used to order a retreat. There are a couple different types. There is the generally less expensive fuse lit and the pull ignition. The pull ignition is quicker but more expensive and you have to pay for an add on HAZMAT shipping charge. The fuse lit ones you just pay a shipping fee.

Flare Guns, harder to get is the 26.5mm European flare guns and flares. They are getting harder to get and more expensive if you can find them. They manufactured black, blue, orange smoke rounds. Red, red rain, green flares and the best flare is the white illumination parachute flare. These flares really light up the area. If you can find them they will be over $100.00 for a box of 10. Because the military flares are slowly drying up someone decided to make an adapter. You can buy a 12ga to 26.5mm adapter allowing you to use marine 12ga flares and other civilian 12ga flares like red, green, white, blue and yellow. The same as the other devises listed, you can have different meanings for the different color flares or for daytime use you could use the different smoke flares. Note the smoke generated from the flare is not enough for screening movement just for marking a location or for communication purposes. It only lasts for a several seconds. The white illumination parachute flare is basically for self defense purposes. If you think you are being probed or infiltrated then touch off one of these flares and it lights up an acre or two +/-. U.S. Troops are taught to instantly drop prone and keep your shooting eye closed to save your night vision when a flare is illuminating your location. You need to train your prepper group to do the same until they have to fire. Chances are if a marauding group is probing your position. There not going to know what is going on so it will give your people a chance to eliminate the threat to your safety. Just be prepared to pop off another illuminating flare before the other one goes out.

Now some other warning methods that you can use on your perimeter or other tactical locations is solar powered motion activated light. For locations where there is not a lot of sun to recharge the batteries with the solar panel like in a woodline there is a battery powered motion activated light. The one that I have takes 3 or 4 C batteries. On eBay you can find battery operated exterior motion activated alarm. You just have to learn to research a little. It takes time.

I will list some links to companies that I am watching and thinking about ordering from.

12ga booby trap




12ga flare adapter

Do not buy from this company.


Do a search on the net for company reviews and you will know why. Other flares on the market range around $30.

12ga flare




26.5mm flare






I have ordered from sportsmoke before. Everything went well and the product produced a lot of smoke 40,000 cft is a lot of smoke.




Here is a picture of a home made tripwire detonation device. The top part is an electric match like what model rocket hobbist use. I would not take out the 209 shotgun shell primer and replace it with this match. It would create a claymore affect and could hurt some one really bad. Only use this with non harmful stuff like smoke.

To protect the perimeter at night without making noise, use a CHEM Light or a glow stick/snap light. As long as you are in visual range of it of course.

Set the trap with a trip wire attached to the end of release lever. When intruder walks past your perimeter it will release the trap and impact the glow stick causing it to illuminate within seconds. Remember to set up your traps so they are always in your line of vision from your defensive position.

Here is a video showing how it works:

Two different videos 1 showing horizontal and 2 vertical chemlight. I made my rat traps so they will accept a chemlight both ways. You never know when or how you will emplace the alarm. When they go off they make a pretty loud swack and then you see the light. Pretty cool. I buy traps at Walmart for $2. each and at Home Depot for a two pack for $3. something.

Here is a video to make caltrops. You have to have or know someone with a welder. Note that if you want to take out vehicle tires you will need rebar. The nails just don't have the strength for a rapid deflation.

Check out his other caltrop video #2, #3. I like #1 the best for anti personal.

and finally

the Dollar Tree Door/Window home made electronic tripwire alarm. There cheap, you can get the battery's at Dollar Tree also.

D Day Cricket Clickers.jpg

D Day Cricket Clickers.jpg

Cricket Clicker.jpg

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