Nix Common Core, teach kids how to use a Calculator!

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Aug 15, 2013
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So, as some of you know, we're in the process of liquidating the stock in our Tack Shop.

Now, my stepkids are both bright, though not too interested in math. Both graduated High School with decent GPA's. But, they were simply NEVER taught a good way to do math.

Common Core is a big fail.

Here's why.

So, we have an $80 item, and I tell my son to take 20% off, then add 7% sales tax to the result.

He's got NO CLUE how to do this.


I tell him OK, 20% off would mean it would be $64, now just add sales tax.

He goes, how did you do that in your head? I explain it. (10 percent of 80 is 8, double that is 16, 80 minus 16 is 64)

I said, OK, forget about it. Just grab the calculator and do 80 times .80, then multiply the result by 1.07

He says, where are you getting these numbers?

Ugh.....I give up.

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