Food shortages are here and getting worse.

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Coming from a televised news outlet - The shipping stoppage in the red sea will cause shipped products going around the long way to cost an increased 450% . I will not even say what that means for folks that didn't prepare for this . That is the very reason I worked so feverishly building a log cabin this fall , as my instincts told me price of things were about to skyrocket with the onslaught of World War Three . .
We have been seeing the uprisings all across Europe. They are ahead of us by a few years into this New World Order. It’s time for us to stand up too before it’s too late.

Stalin called the Farmers "the enemies of the people". By expropriating them, the state took control of food production. Then, 7 million Russians were starved to death. Now, 100 years later, the World Economic Forum is opening "the war on

The prepper prophecies are coming to pass .

They certainly are. And they are markedly speeding up! I’m grateful to all of you fellow Preppers for being active and forward looking. For not being lazy and willingly blind to what has been coming for years now.



Gas facility in Nairobi who is the question tho.....

Initial story was that it was a gas plant, but it was just a gas truck that exploded in a parking lot. Likely terrorism but they don't know for sure.

An actual gas facility exploded when I was in Kenya and there was no gas at the gas stations for a while. We had to cancel a trip to Masai Mara because we didn't have enough gas to get there. We had enough in Jerry cans to get to Amboseli and back so we went there instead.

He is such a bald face LIAR!! “We will solve that problem”. He is talking about the PROBLEMS they are creating on purpose to take our food system away from us. They really are serious that they want us to subsist on freaking BUGS!!!

We won’t be letting them get away with it! The BUGS will be eating THEM!

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