Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are a bio weapon

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Heart Disease Death up 44%!!!


Any other vaccine would have been taken off the market a long time ago because of these side effects, but not this one.

What does that tell us? Our governments are deliberately accepting deaths as part of the plan.

Corona vaccines do not protect, they kill.
Here, government health officials have been telling the elderly People and pregnant women for 6 weeks to get vaccinated with the new Corona vaccines.

What happens?

Elderly people are forced to take the vaccine in the homes, a large part of them will die.

Pregnant women will be forced to take the shot at "check-ups", some of the babies will die and some of the women will be infertile, doctors will deny any connection.

This is REALITY and nothing else can replace it.
For those in my generation Suzanne Somer needs no introduction, LOL. But for you youngsters she was the dumb blonde hottie on the hugely popular sitcom Three's Company.
Sumer successfully battled numerous cancers, even during filming the show, and was cancer free for decades.
In July of this year (2023) she announced that her breast cancer was back. Three months died. No mention about vax status but you gotta wonder...
That is tooooooo good for them all. Make them take the BAD BATCHES in a marathon of one VAX DAILY, until the desired effects of their own poison comes to their rescue and sends them to meet their MAKER so he can decide if they were right or wrong. They can sleep in a tent village surrounding the local 5G antenna by the way.
There's a lot.of things that will kill you . There's a lot of people out there that will kill you .
If you are waiting for thoes vaccines to kill everyone off you will probably die of old age first .
I know some very educated people that have been waiting for everyone to die from "chemtrails" for the past 30 years .
One of them I went to school with . I had to remind him we use to watch jets make them while on recess in elementary school 50 years ago .

I just got off the phone with attorney Warner Mendenhall. He confirmed I wrote below is true and the litigation floodgates are now open.

Here is a list of 90 lawyers that you can contact if you want to sue the vaccine manufacturers:

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There is NO STOPPING the truth and consequences coming out now!! Even with war, folks are going to seek Justice!

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