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Silent Bob

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Mar 20, 2014
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Hi all,

I am sure that printing color maps have come up before, but I thought I might just add a thread for those just starting to think about printing maps. Take them to your local FEDEX-Kinko's, Staples, Office Max, or anyone with a high quality color office printer or if you don't mind the wait and want to save some money...consider With Vista, you might have to wait, but you do save some change, but be very specific on the size. Also, because you can download these from USGS from a PDF download, use is a snap. My wife's office has a map plotter used for oil drilling maps, so I was able to get her coworker to make a copy of pretty much the entire area of Colorado (helps that the CEO owns property in Gunnison), plus part of Northern New Mexico and Northwest Texas. The maps for our BOL and our exfil/duplicates were all made at FEDEX Kinkos. Another order was made at Vistaprint. While the plotter one was of better quality, really for what was lost, it was very negligible to the naked eye. Hope this helps, if someone is considering making colored maps. Note: I wouldn't try doing it on a home printer, the total number of your need; I am sure you could get your local printer to come down on the price if you do a bulk order.

Silent Bob

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