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Mar 18, 2012
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Southern California
Well folks, I have something new (maybe old) for your prepping endeavors! Iam in a sustainable energy technology college course for my Associates degree, and from time to time I'm going to learn a few things, which i'll then be sharing with you guys (and gals). We were asked to make a shoebox float that has something to do with the class. Well I've somewhat taken it upon myself, as well as others have suggested, to do the electronic basis of it, including the solar parts. now don't get me wrong I have help. Well, small solar panels for things like headlights onna shoebox you don't want to go over board on, so we are using those solar night lamps that you can find at the dollar store, or even better ones at other stores but I imagine their higher price. Tbh, I never really understood how they worked until I took one apart yesterday to retrieve the panel. what it does is uses the solar panel to trickle charge a rechargeable AA battery during the day, then uses the power of the battery to fuel the LED light at night. WELL this is interesting to me for a few reasons: as we all know, rechargeable batteries usually arnt that cheap, and having a solar charger is even less cheap. Now the small ones that you're likely to find at the dollar store only have 1 AA rechargeable battery in them, but you can set that out during the day (probably best on the south end where the sun will hit all day) then pull the battery at night. I know for a fact (because I have a few right next to me as I type lol) that some of the better models have a bigger solar panal and take (can recharge) 4 AA batteries.
Well I found this somewhat interesting and I figured I'd share, have fun prepping people!

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