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Next big fire in Australia and preppers preparations

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Jun 3, 2014
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Kalangadoo,South Australia, Australia
G'day everyone apologies for big largely absent for so long mostly in-part due to working then being laid off in September 2019 by the old employer who lost contract renewal bid followed by being put on in April 2020 by new employer in my old job amidst the pandemic then having to uproot myself in mid 2021 to move back home due to the house I rented being repossessed as result of landlords misappropriating my rent instead of paying mortgage

Anyways before going off track as everyone knows Australia is currently in La Nina phase with most of NSW as well as Parts of Victoria underwater due to high rainfall over winter and spring in addition to decent rainfall in South Australia however it will be a double-edged sword once La Nina dissipates in summer and El Nino possibly makes a rapid appearance in 2nd half of 2023 followed by a drought and hot 2024 meaning triple fuel load as to what was seen in 2019/2020 black summer season

Even though my area has seen decent grass/scrub fires in 2021 near Lucindale and earlier this year at Callendale it will be 40 years next year and 41 in 2024 since Ash Wednesday occurred which is well over the average wait for something big to happen as a rural prepper I spent most of Winter slowing putting together a 400 litre slip on unit to put on my 6x4 trailer so in event of a SHTF situation is to occur in summer 23 or 24 I am well positioned to help out or just position the unit for asset protection

What have other fellow preppers done in terms of preparations for the next big fire


The above picture is my completed fire unit equipped with 1x10m and 2x 25m hose lines, 4 stroke 1.6 hp 120 l/pm fire pump all attached to a trans tank international 400 litre liquid cartage tank

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