Recent record breaking heatwaves/fires in northern hemisphere and El Nino

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Jun 3, 2014
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Kalangadoo,South Australia, Australia
G'day everyone just thought I'd pop back in and let you guys know I'm still alivešŸ˜œ just been fairly busy finishing off last 2 assignments of a Charles Sturt Uni undergrad in emergency management before their due dates in week 1 of next month... my rav 4 is still in shop whilst my mechanic cousin waits on the kit required to fix coolant leak turns out bolts 1 and 2 that hold coolant in the cylinder lost their threading/torque result in just sitting in the holes loosely requiring re-tapping and helicoil installation so I should have it back by Friday this week or Monday at latest next week

Before going off track yesterday arvo the weather bureau here in Australia announced that El Nino has officially started as you'll see in attached jpeg photo this will be coupled with an positive Indian Ocean Dipole so pretty much worst case scenario for rest of 2023 and into early Autumn 2024


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