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Mar 8, 2013
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Sometimes after a stressful evac event it is nice to get a warm breakfast, the day after you are going to need all the energy and calories you can consume in a bug out situation, as the o'l saying goes breakfast is the most important part of the day, A full gut also help maintains sanity.

Throughout the day on the trail I snack on unsalted trail mix and jerky, in the evening I eat a small can of heated beanie weenies with coffee or tea.

I fry the spam then dice it then and make a spam omelette, I'll add 1oz of powder butter to the powder eggs add water and mix, I generally would also cook up some oatmeal and have a cup of milk. I have use this method several times in the past along the pacific crest trail, it's one of my favorites on the trail that adds a little normalcy and should be even more valuable in an emergency situation and may help calm some nerves.

3 day (single person) 515 calories per serving

3 3oz packages of spam
1.5 cups powdered eggs 3 breakfast, equal measurements of egg and water
3oz powdered butter
9oz powdered milk (1/3 cup powder milk, 7/8 cup cold water makes 1 serving)
3 1.23oz packets instant oatmeal

needs 7 cups of water for the 3 days of a heavy breakfast
56oz (3.5lbs) water
36.69oz (2.29lbs) dry goods
total 5.79lbs

packaged spam (better shelf stability then in the can)
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