China said to be getting ready to declare war on U.S.

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Mar 5, 2020
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China expert says U.S. should strike first in economic war

“President Trump should respond to the Chinese Communist Party's threat to sell U.S. Treasury bonds by striking first, advises China expert Gordon Chang.

The Communist Party tabloid Global Times reported Beijing was "likely" to sell some or all of its U.S. Treasury holdings, suggesting the U.S. might default on its debt obligations for the first time, he wrote for the Gatestone Institute, where he is a senior fellow.

Published September 10, 202


"China is certainly trying to destabilize the United States, and it looks as if it's about to declare total economic war on America," he said.
Change said Beijing "has tipped its hand," and the question for the Trump administration is whether America should strike first.”
China won't strike first militarily - to do so is to lose face.
Even Putin told the Chinese if they dare attack Russia he will obliterate Beijing and other major cities with a nuclear holocaust.
They will probably wait for someone to pull the trigger first, then retaliate, for to do nothing will lose face, and they will never live with that shame.
China has said all along that if Taiwan declared independence from China that is justification for attacking Taiwan because they consider Taiwan their territory.

Taiwan was never the territory of the People's Republic of China. It was Japanese territory until the end of WWII and was actually the independent "Republic Of Formosa" after becoming independent from the Imperial Chinese Qing dynasty, until the Japanese occupation in 1895. Japan renounced their claim on the territory in the Treaty of Taipei in 1952 between Japan and the Republic of China, NOT the People's Republic of China.

The PRC has no legitimate claim to Taiwan. NONE. But they pretend that they do.
Russia is siding with India in the border dispute, US sent 3 Navy ship to backup Malaysia against china, Australian and US warships have gone in off the coast to backup Vietnam in it's dispute with china. china has already lost face. Philippines done a 180 and wants to keep a Military pact with the US, the growing military assertiveness by china has spooked the Philippines, US now has a Military presence on Palawan Island which is a direct line to the Spratly Islands, both the Federated States of Micronesia, and Marshall Islands have requested US Military bases due to the china threat. china will get no sympathy from much of the world if it starts something particularity against Taiwan. china will struggle with Taiwan alone, china also got to contend with Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, then they have the US, Australian Navies not counting smaller nations such as Vietnam etc.. The South China Sea will be a turkey shoot.
For some strange reason, China is feeling their oats right now. Maybe it's just a diversion to take the attention away from their loss of face over the Kung Flu. They absolutely lost face over COVID, but they are Communists. Everything is what you say it is, and if you say you didn't lose face then what you do is force everyone to agree with your version of reality. And if anyone says anything different, that is an insult that they will demand an apology for.

Look, my wife is Chinese. The whole thing about losing face is not really understood well by most Westerners. It's a lot more complicated than you think. And Communist China will never admit to losing face...EVER.
He's already on borrowed time. Cooler heads in the military should prevent the old geezer from doing anything stupid.
We don't have a military form of government in this country. The military will do what the commander in cheif tells them to do. It is scary that this old turd is the commander in cheif.

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