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How to Profit From the Collapse

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Rhian L'Arson

Sep 10, 2022
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Warren Buffett famously said that if he had been around in 1905 when cars were just coming out he wouldn't have invested in carmakers but instead go short on horses. There were thousands of carmakers and most went broke, so you had to be very lucky to pick a GM, Ford or Chrysler, but you could easily predict people wouldn't travel on horses anymore. The thing you should have done was short horses. Sometimes it’s easier to figure out the losers.

One way to make money on stocks when the price is falling is short selling. Short selling is borrowing a stock whose price you think is going to fall, selling it then buying it back later, for a lower price than you initially sold it for. You profit on the difference after paying back the loan. When you short a stock, you're betting on its decline.

If you feel confident predicting the collapse of society, you can profit by betting against the losers.

Economist Joseph Schumpeter was confident market-based capitalist society would collapse and be replaced by socialism.

Schumpeter was persuaded that capitalism was doomed because he saw the growing number of people with higher education was creating a class of intellectuals with a negative outlook on capitalism. Those intellectuals are now in control of the schools, the mass media, and corporate America and are forcing their mentality on everyone else.

Socialist and progressive intellectuals have been accusing capitalism of destroying the planet and perpetuating systemic racism and oppression of people of color for decades. They will increasingly elect democratic socialists and vote for restrictions on business that will ultimately destroy the capitalist system.

The United States will become much more diverse in coming years. The rise of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and others will favor Democrats since Republican success is tied to a shrinking portion of whites without college educations.
The voter population is also becoming more educated. With older voters dying off and the younger voters replacing them tending to be democrats, the chances of republicans winning elections get smaller and smaller.

The smart thing to do is to adapt now, rather than later. When it’s easier to figure out the losers, you can profit by betting against them.

The best way to bet against the losers is by using prediction markets. Prediction markets let people bet money on political and financial events.

The University of Iowa's Iowa Electronic Markets predicts results of political elections with greater accuracy than traditional polls. IEM is not regulated and speculators can bet between $5 and $500. Other markets allow bigger bets.

PredictIt is a website for betting on political and financial events where traders bet on questions about the Biden Administration, U.S. Elections, Congress, State/Local elections, and questions like which political party will win elections, which candidate will win, and even what the results of future polls will be.

If you're confident in the coming collapse, consider the wisdom of The Sage of Omaha’s advice on shorting horses. Sometimes it’s easier to pick the losers.
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