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  1. Clyde


    Even though I already have my Amateur Radio License, I still wanted something that I could give to friends or a trusted neighbor in the event of an emergency. This video is about the TIDRADIO TD-H5 GMRS Radio Overview and Programming. The TIDRADIO TD-H5 is a GMRS that comes preprogramed with 54...
  2. Clyde

    Comms System

    Hello everyone. We here at DPF are trying to put together some sort of communications system. We are open to any suggestions, and would like to know what your current comms are. I am attaching a picture of a some current Prepper Frequencies that follows the 3-3-3 plan (Channel 3, every 3 hours...
  3. Clyde

    Helpful Info. What happens to Ham Radio When the Internet Disappears | Tactical Ham Radio

    If you are a Ham Radio operator, do you use any of the digital modes (DSTAR, Fusion and DMR)? If you do have you given much thought to what will happen to the digital modes ones the internet stops working for whatever reason? Take a look at this video by K6UDA on this very subject.
  4. Clyde

    FCC Could It Be?!?!? Lifetime Licensing!!! Hopefully....

    I ran across the following on the ARRL's website. It looks like there is a push towards the FCC issuing lifetime licenses instead of 10 years. I personally think this would be a great idea.... What do you think? The FCC is seeking comments on a Petition for Rule Making (RM 11760) that asks the...
  5. Clyde

    HF 40 Meters

    Well today was a great day for 40 meters! While operating from the car I was able to hit Bullhead City, Arizona from the south end of Los Angeles County. Not a huge distance, but when you think about how crapy the bands have been of late it does make your day a bit. I hope the band will fix...
  6. Clyde

    FCC FCC Fee for Vanity Call Signs to Disappear

    The FCC regulatory fee associated with Amateur Radio Vanity call signs is no longer required. Beginning Thursday, September 3, 2015, applicants will be able to file all vanity applications (new and renewal) without having to pay a regulatory fee. FCC decided earlier this year to eliminate the...
  7. CommoFreq

    My "Go Box" Project

    (WARNING: This is a work in progress!) You're probably wondering what a "Go Box" . . . is. It's a radio installation in a box or boxes that make your equipment easy to transport. If you need to get the hell outta Dodge in a hurry, well, just grab your boxes and go! With this setup, I have...