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What do you use for comms?

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Feb 5, 2012
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Communist State Of Kalifornia
Hello everyone. We here at DPF are trying to put together some sort of communications system. We are open to any suggestions, and would like to know what your current comms are. I am attaching a picture of a some current Prepper Frequencies that follows the 3-3-3 plan (Channel 3, every 3 hours, for 3 minutes), but we would like to build a system that serves the members of Doomsday Prepper and their families. This system would include ways to relay message to those who have limited comms. For example, Someone originates a message on ham radio from Los Angeles to Miami, FL then the Ham passes it along via a CB, the CB operator passes it along using their FRS/GMRS radio.

Unfortunately when you buy a FRS/GMRS radio they come with short antennas and very low power. I am working on getting a frequency list and list of radios that can be be programmed to use FRS/GMRS frequencies and may end up being less expensive.

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I wouldn't use frs for much. GMRS however you can do up to 50 watts I believe and use repeaters if you like. Last I heard it was around 70 dollars for ten years or something like that for a license and that covers your whole family. And no test just pay the fee and your good to go. I like good old cb radio more than frs. I of course also have ham general class here and amrron and ares member.

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