just goes to show Police HAVE lost control of the streets.

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Feb 9, 2014
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as far away from "civilisation" as i can get.
"We aren't here to get assaulted on the job." "We'll have to let them go, it's just not worth it"

Don't send women cops into dangerous areas, or don't have them patrol at all.

Pay enough to hire some rough guys, and go give those areas a good churning.

And, don't tell the public they can't defend themselves, then tell them they have to defend you.

Officer definitely could have been killed by that bus, but at least no guns were involved, eh? Cause then she might have been killed by a gun. Vs. a bus.
Police chief warns PCs need more help from the public.
so now the public has to do their job for them? sorry, i'm not trained to detain violent offenders, and not so long ago police were warning about not organising vigilanty patrols.

G'damn bullshit, damn public just walks by and some stop to film this shit, oh we have it here too Paul, this crap angers me to no end, a bunch of fxxken cowards!
But the authorities have repeatly warned the citizens not to get involved in "police matters." Even when the citizens themselves are the victims. "Don't take the law into your own hands!" "Let the police handle it!"

You can't have it both ways.

They may warn about it but their is no way in hell I can idly stand by and do nothing, that goes against every grain of who we are.
I could not stand by and let the police slug it out with the thugs. With that being said, you can't disarm the public and then handcuff the police. The thugs do not worry about the civil rights of the victims or the police, so why should they have to be treated with kid gloves. As for women patrolling, I am not a big fan of it. I have know a few women that could handle themselves physically, but the majority are not a match for a male in a wrestling / fighting match. As for not coming to work to be assaulted, change careers. Police must be allowed to escalate above the opponents tactic. The police should not wrestle with these thugs, they should use the night stick. If they produce a weapon, then the police should shoot them. All the police in th U.K. should be armed, the days of respect for the beat officer are long gone. JM2C
yes, when I was a kid we had respect for our elders but especially the police, if we were in trouble we looked for the nearest policeman, but no more, they don't even patrol any more, where I live you wont see a policeman and certainly not one to speak to, you may see them flying through in their cars but thats it, they've closed most of the rural/town police stations, and even if there is a police station the "front desk" is closed you either have to ring a special phone number or go online. they wont attend a shoplifting if its under £200 worth and they don't attend burglaries-they just give you a crime number for your insurance company.
as for helping the police, not when they warn about forming vigilanty patrols, if you attack a burglar who is violent towards you, you will be the one arrested not the burglar, the burglar will be treated as a victim, with everything so one sided I will not assist the police, no law enforcement is their job its why they joined, if they cant do the job then resign.
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I've just found out the staffing levels for the Devon & Cornwall force, its 3,000 officers to manage a population of 1.6 Million.
most of the rural police stations have been closed and those that are open are back room duties only, you cant just walk into one, you have to phone a special number or go online.
I foresee vigilante justice becoming more prevalent because of the liberal views of courts, charges being reduced or not filed at all and the liberals basically tying the hands of officers to enforce law and order. I see a lot of women cops on Live PD. a lot of them work with the females suspects, question suspects, etc. You don't see them in the down and dirty wrestling that goes on very often. So if they can't pull their weight, honestly they should not be there. There can't be two sets of qualifications for a cop, one for women and one for men. It is not fair to the men.
G'damn bullshit, damn public just walks by and some stop to film this shit, oh we have it here too Paul, this crap angers me to no end, a bunch of fxxken cowards!
While I agree that they were possibly cowards, I don't think you're 100% fair.

Self-defence as a concept is frowned upon in Britain. You can go to prison for many years (see earlier post) if you clobber a home invader with your cricket bat.

Even if you escape prison . . . you can still be sued and end up penniless.

I would like to think that I would have helped the officer, but--in all honesty--I'd have to be in the situation to give you a difinitive answer.
All the possibilities regarding threat of lawsuits isn’t a deterrent when come to helping a cop in need in my mind, same thing can be said about someone breaking into the house while a sleep, is that same possibility going to prevent one from defending the family, more than likely no. Anarchy shouldn’t be allowed to rule, cops are the wedge between the rule of law and anarchy, people should assist the cops even with the threat of suits!
nope, this isn't America, one day the British Police will asking for your assistance the next day they will be arresting you for bashing a burglar, it cant work both ways.

I have to agree with BigPaul. While I would have to assist the copper. They do have to get their crap together. They cannot have it both ways. Either they side with the law abiding people or they can't expect the people to help them.
If I saw some piece of garbage drop kick a woman, cop or not, I'd beat his ###.

I'd be tempted to beat the crap out of anyone standing there filming it.

I dont think cops can afford to operate in the Liberal Fantasyland where a woman can go hands on with a 28 yr old male, possibly on drugs.

The sexes are equal. Except when their not.

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