Doing a Neighborhood Assessment

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Oct 17, 2012
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Atlanta GA
Last year I did a Neighborhood Assessment. It covers natural and manmade disasters.
I gave it a score of 1-10. One (1) most likely would not occur but I wouldn't rule it out and ten (10) which has already occurred and more than likely will occur again. It's just a rough outline, so I thought I'd pass it on. Maybe it’s something to work with. Raise awareness of your surroundings. Some things you can reduce the risk, others you cannot. This is my neighborhood. You can do it for your neighborhood.
My Neighborhood Assessment

Natural Disaster

Flood 1
Earthquake 1
Hurricane 3
Tornado 9
Lightening 10
Hail 10
Ice 10
Heavy Rain 10
Wind 6
Falling Trees 8

Man Made Disasters

Broken Gas Main 7
Broken Water Pipes 8
Sewer Line 5
Toxic Chemical Spills 9
Train Derailment 8
Gas/Oil Refinery Explosion 9
Chemical Leak
Toxic or Non-Toxic 8
Small Plane Crash 7

Number of Federally Inspected Toxic Sites 14
Recyclers, Scrap, Batteries, Auto

Neighborhood Cancer Risk 68%