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  1. Dallas Dixon

    New Gun?

    Lately I've been getting into ARs. although before that bandwagon was a lost cause to me due to the price, but I now see that the AR is an amazing platform with hundreds of capabilities. As such, I have decided that I am going to build an AR-15, as it is cheaper, in some situations, and keep it...
  2. Dallas Dixon

    Looking to buy a gun, suggestions?

    Recently I have acquired a taste for firearms that I need to expand on due to me not having but a single one. I am younger than 18, although I shall not specify, and my budget is going to be around three hundred bucks. I've found two firearms that I really think would be great options. One is...
  3. toexist

    Walking Dead Season 8 Premieres October 22nd

    Judging by trailer above...its looks more promising than last season (which was one of the worst in my opinion). They allowed too many useless characters to carry over. In earlier seasons they would casually kill them off now they dedicate entire episodes to them. Why dedicate entire episodes...