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Aug 5, 2020
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I've thought about goats, but figured the coyotes, wolves, bears and mountain lions would haul them off faster than I could stock them.
We have a pond here, about a half mile from the house, that I planted blue gill, catfish and trout. I dont think the trout survived though. We see fish jumping all the time so something survived.
We do some trading around here now. I recently traded a beef for firewood.
In Africa I was in Liberia, Tunisia, Morocco, Sierra Leone and the Sahara. Some beautiful country in places.
I guess it will just depend what the hubby feels up to doing since he's retiring. Would be hard for me to take care of it all on my own and working as much as I am right now.
Have always wanted to travel to Morocco. Sierra Leone, not so much with all the violence that went on. While we were there, we were supposed to go to Zimbabwe - to the falls, but that is when there was so much unrest, we weren't able to go.

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