What would the post SHTF world look like?

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Aug 15, 2013
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Now, of course, lots of different scenarios, but I'll quantify it a bit...

1) It's about 6 months after everything went to hell.
2) Any government powers are still bunkered down, maybe controlling major population centers (or at least their downtown areas).
3) The grid has been down the whole time.

In cities, government troops and cops control downtown areas of major cities, but gangs rule the surrounding areas. When one gets too big or ballsy, the troops go in and do a sweep, but mostly, they don't have the manpower to control more than a portion of the cities. In rural areas, they are pretty much on their own, maybe a few small gangs that can scrape together fuel resources venture out to outlying areas, but not in great numbers (can't sustain them).

In government areas, rations, etc. People who live there have power, water, and hospital services, but socialized completely. In addition, some elitism will still be at play. Large farms have been taken over by the fed, and go to feed those in the controlled cities. In the areas around cities, food is looted, traded, and stolen from the feds. In rural areas, they are on their own. I imagine some will make a living as hunters, trading food for other needs with those living in the country and on the outskirts of cities.

Exists as it did in the government areas. Outside of this, it is traded and sold, collected from rooftop bins, etc. In rural areas, most turn to their wells and rain collection. Sewage in the areas around the government controlled areas make that area a smelly nightmare. Disease will run rampant, and the goal of most in these gang controlled areas will be to simply get out. Some will turn to the city and try to get in, others will strike off for the country.

In government areas, folks are put to work doing whatever jobs are needed. This is the only manufacturing still taking place. In the gang lands, looted and stolen items are traded and sold. A major return to old, handmade goods arises.

In government areas, it is like a FEMA refugee camp. In the ganglands, it's the wild west all over, but worse. Might will make right, and thug lords will live like dictators. In the country, neighborhoods will band together for mutual protection, but still likely be somewhat autonomous in their own properties.

Just some thoughts. Really, you have to have some kind of idea, in order to plan for it.

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