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Mar 18, 2012
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Southern California
Awesome site, although idk bout stocking vitamins. i mean if you use them for a long period of time, then you run out, which you will, wouldt your body react to the lack of vitamins?


Mar 20, 2013
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Longlac Ontario
A police staff seargent once suggested when I explained I might be around campus with body armour and a combat helmet due to potential issues in the middle east blowing over to just leave campus if riots or terrorist attacks happen. (the fact he stated they would know about anything that could happen was a little unnerving, but he didn't rebut my I will not be high on the list of people to save in the event of some sort of occurence which is why i felt compelled to be prepared to save myself rather than depending on the police to look out for me because they would have other higher priorities to deal with) I think that this same principle could apply if my town broke into civil chaos. Now this as a long term strategy extending beyond a short term issue of a couple days may not be a sound solution because unless I have road access to leave there is nothing out here. Any organized revolt would cut off the road on both ends with blockades as well as the entry and exit points to town, but that is not too realistic but I bet 10 to 20 people could probably mostly accomplish that by setting up some snipers and barricades. Realistically clearing every house in town would take quite some time especially if there was resistance there would be risk with every house. (50 calibres are very illegal up here so accomplishing this would take IEDs and the like or just digging out the industrial roads with construction equipment, knocking down trees on every trail but even then people could slip out on foot through the woods or boat. It would probably take 40 or more people to effectively lock the town down but this location is pretty good because there is a bridge that can be blocked off, and a secondary bridge to the north the southern and other routes can be set up as choke points, but realistically this is not the typical american town it is fairly remote. and more or less quite securable with a company of soldiers. It is relatively quite a strategic location as rail gas electric and road all come through here nothing much is to the east for quite a bit, and the bridge can be controlled more or less, but lets get real there will be no civil disorder up here... I can't imagine what it would take for this small community to go off of its rockers. This place is more immune than any sort of US disorder due to being a few hundred KM from the US. That is 500km north of Duluth.. who is going to go North of Duluth? https://maps.google.ca/maps?saddr=Duluth, MN, United States&daddr=Longlac Pizzaria, 113 Forestry Rd, Longlac, ON&hl=en&sll=48.400032,-89.230957&sspn=7.295413,21.643066&geocode=FXDoyQIde6iC-in_Ny54flKuUjFyDFjrdr_9kA;Fc2W9wIdRZXX-iG0VS-ZUWMUMynr3gwRPZBCTTG0VS-ZUWMUMw&oq=Longlac&t=h&mra=ls&z=7

This place is so small I can't imagine any type of internal event since everyone knows everyone I'd have a larger chance of getting lynched than the town to break out into chaos. Not saying it can't happen but there is a government to non government employee ratio not counting the rail workers of probably 1 in 4 and probably 1 in 3 with the rail workers. I could never imagine the two native reserves trying to take over the town that is sort of absurd.

Really the threat up here would be raiders, but the same civil defence premise for an internal revolt could be applied to defending against raiders, but lets get real the chance of society melt down is soooo small. Bigger risks up here is forest fire. Now if the US government collapse there might be serious spill over into Canada but seriously I don't have the sense that US collapse will happen for atleast a decade if not two or three. Fortress America is still quite capable.

While sure it can happen any time with natural disaster to tip that balance but the chances I think remain less than 1% to 5% on any given day if not smaller. Even with more super storms, I don't get the sense of any impending disaster due to civil disorder, are things really that bad in the US right now? I havn't been there since around 2008 except escorted by DHS so I really have no clue what its like down there.. Canada is probably one of the only place military and paramilitary arn't out on the streets other than cops these days... wowza.

good to know though.

The only major threat I see right now is Israel getting in over its head with offensives against destabalized Syria and Lebanon and the ceasefire to break out into open war especially with a truce between fighting factions in Syria.. but this is pretty remote.

Yada yada.. none the less you can't be too prepared, but I take my limited amount of prepping of just making my life more efficient and self sustainable.

BTW cool articles on your page.

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