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Jan 15, 2016
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Columbus, Ohio
I'll be honest. I started digging a hole because I had it in mind that it would be a good idea to have extra fuel on hand (I already have a few 5 gallon containers in the garage).

But would it be better to bury or store another type of item or items? I don't have a lot of property in which to dig numerous or larger holes. So when I do bury something it has to be well thought out. Gasoline first came to mind because in the event a crisis occurs, the need for gas will become very important. But then I read that gasoline is hard to maintain even if an additive such as Stabil or Pri-G is added. I really want to have extra fuel on hand but opinions seem to differ on the danger of keeping a certain amount available. I'm aware that each city has different restrictions on the amount of gasoline that can be kept at a person's house. I don't have an out-building or shed, just a garage.

Food also came to mind, as well as ammo. Others suggest putting a mixture of things from rope, fire starters, guns, etc. I'm at an impasse. I'd love for people to weigh in.

Another thought was to rent storage space. Does anyone have any insight on the upsides of renting space at a storage facility?

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