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bill harrell

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Jan 11, 2013
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It seems to me that the first need that will supersede all necessities post shtf is water. We always talk about water purification and water storage but there has to be at some point a sustainable water source or life will become very difficult. So some of you experts need to step to the plate with well advice for different areas of the world. Iny area the water table is extremely shallow therefore good drinking water is easy to obtain
Most wells are drilled to about 100' but that is usually about 80 feet past the water table. They overdrill to compensate for higher flow rates from greater depth. The best drinking water in my area comes from about 60' down. Thats right three joints of pvc pipe. Was with that said you might be surprised at how easy you could acheive awell in your area. First of all if you already have a well nearby making it a reliable water source makes alot more sense than drilling a new one. Check around and see how many wells are in your immediate proximity. Figure out what you ll need to make it manually operable. Please post your expertise and your questions and your comments. This seems to be a topic not covered nearly enough. Thanks guys

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