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Sep 25, 2013
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Vehicle Adaptations for various prepper roles

I am wondering what adaptations and modifications other preppers have made to their vehicles to enhance their role in support of your prepping.

I originally drove a large Transit van fitted out as a Bug Out Vehicle in the form of a stealth camper (That’s a camper van with either no side windows or blanked off side windows, light being provide only by sunroofs etc) That large van allowed with to be almost totally self -sufficient for extended periods with kitchen, toilet, sleeping bags, fridge, masses of storage for water fuel etc, multiple leisure batteries etc, but no space for porta loo (replaced by a folding shovel for now)

However when the Transit died of old age lack of funds and a desire for much better fuel economy coupled with a desire to be far more low profile drove me down in my search for a replacement vehicle. Costs and other issues drove me down from vans, ignoring midsize vehicle and cars straight into the arms of the Japanese cult vehicles the “Kei” cars.

This in itself has left me facing an interesting quandary in what upgrades to I make to this vehicle and what adaptations I make to make it more suited to being owned by a prepper.

So far I have fitted blind screens to the rear and passenger area to make it more private and I have built a quick release timber frame for the luggage area that allows me to secure extra fuel cans and extra water containers. I managed to squeeze a comprehensive amount of tools and spares into the under floor spare wheel compartment.

The Kei car in my case is a Suzuki Wagon R and this is very square and boxy shaped which maximises the small amount of storage space, one disadvantage is it has an up and over tailgate which prevents me from relocating the spare wheel onto the back door because the gas struts holding the door won’t take the extra weight. After TSHTF when aesthetics are not important I can see the spare being shifted up onto a roof rack mounting this freeing up more internal space for extra supplies. (Note to ones-self consider getting second spare wheel)

I can still get three Bug Out Bags, micro kitchen, extra fuel and water containers, food supplies, sleeping bags, breakdown gear like tow ropes and sand mats on board, plus comprehensive first aid kit etc. With extra jerry cans on board I have a range in excess of 500 miles because the 1300 cc Wagon R does just under 50 MPG compared to the 28/30 MPG I got off the Transit van

I could fit a roof rack basket and bull bar IF I could find one to fit.

I’m thinking about fitting both a CB radio and a PMR 446 radio antennas to the vehicle to allow me better mobile coms using the modified UV5RC PMR and possible an Intek H520 CB.

I’ve got extra driving lights and Sat Nav fitted to assist with single user operation.

The space above the parcel shelf that covers the cargo area is suitable for soft bags for carrying extra clothes and personal ablutions kit, plus spare footwear, brolly, and even the compound bow PDWs.

So when (if) it ever is finished I should have a vehicle suitable for EDC duty (shopping school runs, commute etc) Bugging in or out and extended reccies of the area I live.

One advantage of this downsizing apart from the huge jump in fuel economy (American preppers are still decades behind us on fuel economy issues) is it is so much easier to hide this little vehicle from prying eyes. I only need one hessian cover and one scrim net to make it disappear.

So after that rambling preamble I am really keen to hear about what adaptations or mods you have made to your vehicles for operations in the UK after TSHTF.

Please make an effort to reply as many people can benefit from learning about even simple concepts that make the chances of survival that bit better.

Respects NR

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