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Dec 16, 2013
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New Tampa, Florida
I have several set of new ABU's in men's and women's sizes. We are both USAF Vets (who got out prior to the Air Force switching from the BDU to ABU's) and bought these as a tribute to our service, but they're just taking up room in our bags that we need for our Multicams and other camo. Our loss is your gain. None have ever been worn, patches sewn on and have been stored in a moth/bug free vacuum space bag and they come from a pet/smoke free home.

These uniforms go from $40-$59 for each shirt or pants. That's an average of $100 per set. I will sell them to you for $35 each or $60 a set, a $10 discount. Buy both sets, I'll include the $16 (Avg MSRP) Boonie Hat for Free.

Ladies sizes: 100% Cotton

One ABU Shirt, Sizes 6R
One ABU Shirt, Sizes 6L
Two ABU Trousers, Size 6R (26" waist/33" inseam)
One 7 1/4 ABU Boonie Hat (sized small for ladies or children)

Men's Sizes:
50% Cotton/50% Nylon

One ABU Shirt, Sizes 50 Long
One ABU Shirt, Sizes 48 Regular
100% Cotton
Two ABU Shirts, 48 Short
Two ABU Trousers, 40 Long (38"-40" waist/35"-36" inseam)
One 7 7/8" ABU Boonie Hat (sized big for you melon-heads)
ACU Molle.jpg

Also available are two sets of Army Combat Uniform (ACU) digital USGI MOLLE Vest. The vest features a zipper-front, large US symbol on right shoulder and many attachment points for MOLLE compatible pouches, pockets and accessories. This vest is also an ideal equipment for hunters, campers and hikers. This configuration is designed to hold up to 8 magazines in (3) M4 Two pouches and (1) Fragmentation Hand Grenade pouch on the right, (1) two mag M-4 pouch, (1) $30 MOLLE pistol holster with attached pistol mag pouch and (2) Canteen/General purpose pouches to the rear. These go for $160 on Amazon. I will let them go at $125 each. They easily match well with the ABU uniforms sold above.

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