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The U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is investigating the U.S. response to the pandemic, declined to comment.

Out of every damning thing in the above report, this above is what makes me steam! So our supposed representatives WON’T RESPOND?!!! Oh yeah, they weren’t FORCED to take it or lose their jobs! :mad: 🤬Shoot
Out of every damning thing in the above report, this above is what makes me steam! So our supposed representatives WON’T RESPOND?!!! Oh yeah, they weren’t FORCED to take it or lose their jobs! :mad: 🤬Shoot

That's why we the people should never comply with anything that congress exempts themselves from.

Chinese lab had COVID-19 mapped two weeks before global outbreak: documents​
A Chinese researcher isolated and mapped out COVID-19 — and uploaded it to a US-run database — at least two weeks before Beijing officially identified the virus which has claimed more than 3 million lives worldwide, according to bombshell new documents.

The documents, obtained from the US Department of Health and Human Services by House Republicans and first reported by the Wall Street Journal, show virologist Dr. Lili Ren uploaded nearly the entire sequence of COVID-19’s structure to a US government-run database on Dec. 28, 2019.
Steve Kirsch is a former big Dem donor. Until covid slapped him across the face. He now works tirelessly it seems to debunk covid lies.


After reading this I went to the gov site and don’t you know they are STILL PUSHING THE GUIDELINES of using the proven DEADLY Remdesivir!! Even on patients without Covid!! Didn’t Fauci testify they never pushed these guidelines?

Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/21/24 : Could foreign DNA enter your cells through the mRNA COVID vax and change your DNA — and humanity itself — forever? Sounds nutty. It's not. "Absolutely that could happen," says Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general of Florida. A shocking conversation.
I wish I could post this Dad's conversation was with this Pharmacist. He is so frustrated when she said that they don't tell parents of the side effects due to them not wanting scare parents.

This is only part of it. . . This Dad told her off!

This DAD called the pharmacy after his son was taken by his mom to get injected with the COVID Kill Jab and was then diagnosed with myocarditis

: “Why are you NOT telling people about the potential side effects of this Vaccine!? Why are you not telling parents what could happen to their children after Vaccination?”

Pharmacist: “Because we don’t want to scare the parents into NOT getting their child Vaccinated”

Dad: “So, you are NOT telling people about the potential side-effects, because you are scared that might cause them to NOT get vaccinated? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?

You need to give people the right information so that they can make a proper decision!!!!!


Do you know what my son’s prognosis is? He might DIE within 5 years, he has MYOCARDITIS!!! His heart is PERMANENTLY damaged, this is NOT temporary!!! 20% of people with Myocarditis DIE!!!

You are sick! You are twisted! You are Evil! You are a monster! You wrecking lives, you are killing babies, you are killing children, you are killing mothers, you are disgusting!
NY Post article trying to imply that the increase in cardiac incidents was because of COVID not because of the jab. (they don't even try to explain why it started in year 2 of COVID instead of year 1 before the jab was introduced, hmmm)
NY Post usually does a better job of reporting on COVID than this. Shame on them!

Read the comments. It seems that nobody, and I do mean NOBODY was fooled. The comments are brutal.
Another radical pro vaxxer, dies suddenly from cardiac arrest. I hope he was alive long enough to contemplate his position.

‘The Daily Show’ Writer Tom Johnson Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at 55​
Tom Johnson, a two-time Emmy Award-winning writer and comedian who wrote for The Daily Show and co-created The Jeselnik Offensive, has died. He was 55.

His wife, Rozie Bacchi, told The Hollywood Reporter that he died "peacefully and unexpectedly" at his Los Angeles home on Jan. 14 due to a cardiac issue.

America's Covid shame: Damning BMJ report slams US for shutting schools too long and masking outside - while warning it pandemic response was a 'zip code lottery'​
America failed its people during Covid, a damning report by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has said.

The BMJ has launched a series highlighting the actions the US needed to take during the pandemic to prevent the 'eye-wateringly high' death rates it saw compared to its peer nations.

In an editorial to launch the series, guest editors Gavin Yamey from Duke University in North Carolina and Ana Roux from Drexel University in Pennsylvania said crucial steps could have been taken to prevent the Covid 'pandemic chaos.'

The authors said several mistakes made in the US that led to the fumbling of the country's Covid response included keeping schools closed for prolonged periods of time, lack of clear and consistent information from federal agencies, the closure of some public services and unproven scientific advice, including to keep six feet apart.

"Trust the science" they said. "If you get the shot, you won't get covid" they said. "Wear a mask, no three" they said. . .


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