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Dec 12, 2012
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My DH and I taught our 12 year old daughter how to hitch up the stock trailers, how to back them up while behind the wheel of the truck, how to navigate turns and hills, and last but not least, the fastest way to load all of the horses by herself.

You might think that's a big responsibility for a 12 year old girl, but she's grown up learning how to take care of things here on the farm and she learned to drive last year.

We plan on bugging in for as long as we can, but if something happens and we have to sh*t and get, there are 2 trucks and an suv and only 2 licensed drivers. We can hook both stock trailers and have the critters loaded in 30-45 minutes and then hit the road. One trailer is for the horses and the other for supplies which stays mostly packed and in the barn most of the time.

Our oldest daughter doesn't live at home, but if she could get here, she'll drive instead of the youngest or we'll pick her up as we're headed out.

Please don't think that just because we've taught the girl to drive that it means she's running up and down the road with her friends. It's a skill for emergencies and we feel that she's mature enough to handle it for a short distance until we get our oldest.

Anyway, that was what we did.

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