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Mar 18, 2022
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I agree, bugging out on a bicycle, while possible, I do not think is a viable solution.
However, having raced Tour de France style in my younger days, a bicycle is nearly silent. Only a person or group with constant watch might get one over on someone on a bicycle.
Then again, our plan to to have secure the local roadways for those walking, or cycling to be able to move about without worries of an ambush. In short, secure our AOO.

While a bicycle is quiet I wouldnt want to ride during daylight hours. All it would take is for someone to glance down the road.
And if they're set up to ambush people on the road it's almost certain someone is going to see you coming.
The only viable way I could see it working is NVG's and riding at night.

But yeah if you were already at your BOL it would be nice to have a few mountain bikes to patrol an area.
Better yet have some forward observation posts a mile or so out with walkies.You could tell them you were coming to relieve them and they ride the bikes back.
Mar 5, 2022
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Well said about how people react in a stressful situation.
I have seen guys who one would fail in the face of distress where one would think they would succeed, while others whom you would think to be a weakling, rise to the occasion.
Dynamics change in times of upheaval. What may have been true pre-SHTF is not always true post-SHTF.
Those whom have been stressed for those like situations tend to fair better than those whom have not. Even then, every person has their breaking point.

Floaters. Give me someone willing to work for their keep any day.

I will take this one step further.

If you do not know how you or the person you will be next to will act in a true adrenaline dump situation, depend on nothing. Not successful firearms deployment, not even help. That is the difficulty of putting together an untested group and expecting it to work without experience.

I have seen my ranch hand, youngest and oldest daughter, middle and oldest son, husband, SIL, two friends who have combat experience and brother all in adrenaline dump situations and had to work through the danger with them. The rest of them I can only guess how they will react.

My husband, who is in a leadership role at work, is a mess in hands on life or death situations so has a different role to play. He isn't one to play tough guy when it is something that might put others in danger. I respect him for being honest.

Life threatening situations are different from say the high focus that one might get in competitive sports or even a high pressure event. A true adrenaline dump does crazy things in the brain and everyone reacts a little differently to it. Repetitive training helps but, isn't a guarantee.
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Feb 9, 2014
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as far away from "civilisation" as i can get.
we can all see what is happening around the world what with first the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine which is causing shortages of grain and sunflower oil, and other crisis will evolve given time, anyone who thinks its all a bed of roses and nothing to worry about is an idiot and wont survive for long once things collapse.

Helen Back

A True Doomsday Prepper
Mar 5, 2014
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"A friend in need, is a friend indeed"

"The human side" sounds like a far left talking point. Making decisions based on feelings. I won't be helping anyone who hasn't listened or planned/prepared. I did that for the first 40 years of my life and it always seemed to come back to bite me in the arse. Seems those people will never do anything except expect others to help them. If they are expected to do something in return for YOUR generosity, they just feel exploited. My coworkers grumble about how much money the owner has, and how little he pays (not true for the work). I tell them to start their own business and they can hire employees from which they can make money. It is never met well. Most just don;t get what hard work and success entails.

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