Survivalist Acronyms and Abbreviations (2016 version)

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Sep 25, 2013
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Survivalist Acronyms and Abbreviations (2016 version)
ABC = Atomic, Bacteriological, Chemical (USA)
Basha = Type of shelter often made from waterproof poncho
BBBB Breathing, Bleeding, Breaks and Burns, order of diagnosis and treatment for casualties
BIB = Boil In Bag, Rations
BIVVY = Bivouac (type of shelter)
Bug Out = basically it means if you as a person or family have to flee your home, town or place of work because the place has become to dangerous to stay in.
BOB = Bug Out Bag. A Rucksack, travel bag or container containing survival tools, clothing, food and kit, should last 72 hours plus or even a few weeks if topped up from a cache.
BOR = Bug Out Route
BOV (1) = Bug Out Vest. A sleeveless travel vest fitted out like a BOB
BOV (2) = Bug Out Vehicle. A vehicle modified to help you bug out and sustain you during your journey, In the US its often a 4x4 like a Jeep, and in Europe its often a camper van. BOVs really should be capable of being lived in for at least a week, so they should have sleeping space, cookers, water, toilet, storage etc. But in the US the trend is for big powerful go anywhere 4x4s. Single folks tend towards the 4x4s, family guys the campers. Some folks have B O Boats, other cycles, other horses and a few light aircraft / microlights.
Cache = A remotely located store of food, fuel, and extra kit for survivalists to draw on, usually sited somewhere along the chosen Bug Out Route
CASEVAC = Casualty Evacuation
Comms = Communications ( Radio, phones, Internet etc)
EDC = Every Day Carry. Its a list of items that the seriously prepared will never venture out of the house without. Knife, Flashlight, Compass, Cell Phone, Wallet, Mulitool etc
FAK = First Aid Kit
FYI = For Your Information
GHB = Get Home Bag, same as BOB
GOOD = Get Out Of Dodge bag (another name for a BOB
INCH Bag = Im Not Coming Home Bag (another name for a BOB but designed for very long term use)
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
KFS = Knife, Fork, Spoon
LED = Light Emitting Diode ( new type of flashlight / bulb system)
Mag = Magazine for gun
MRE = Meals Ready to Eat
NBC = Nuclear, Bacteriological & Chemical (UK)
NESW = Never Eat Shredded Wheat (method of remembering points of compass in clockwise motion)
No Duff = This is the real thing, not a practice
Opsec = Operational Security
Persec = Personal Security
PR = Parallel Route, Following the route of roads, paths, trails but not walking on them
PMA = Positive Mental Attitude
PSK = Personal Survival Kit = normally a small tin or pouch containing a mini survival kit, popular with soldiers venture explorers etc
PSP = Personal Survival Plan
PAW = Post Apocalyptic World
PDW = Personal Defence Weapon
PEK = Personal Escape Kit
PPPPPP = Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents Poor Performance
PREP = Preparations
POCSIE = Planning, ordering, controlling, supporting, informing, evaluating (stages in planning a bug out event)
PSC / PMC = Private Security Contractor / Private Military Contractor
RETREAT = Place of safety to live in during disaster, can be your home if modified or a camper van/ mobile home or purpose built facility.
RECCE = Reconnaissance (UK)
Recon = Reconnaissance (US)
RTFM = Read the F****** Manual
RV = Rendezvous, Prepper gathering, meeting, barter, trade event/ safe meeting place
SAK = Swiss Army Knife
Scripts = Prescription Medicines
SERE = Survival, Escape, Resistance, Evasion
SITX = Situation X (Unknown future catastrophe)
SITREP = Situation Report (Feedback from someone involved in an event)
SSSSSS. Sound, Shape, Shine, Shadow, Smell, Silhouette,
The Considerations needed for tactical movement, IE Bugging out without being seen. Dont make unnecessary SOUND or noise ,Break up your SHAPE with camouflage , Dont let you kits SHINE in the sun. Stay in SHADOWS and try not to cast a SHADOW, Dont use perfumed soaps, or smelly camp fires because the SMELL will give you away ,Stay off the hilltops and ridgelines so you dont stand out as a SILHOUETTE
TEOTWAWKI = Common acronym used by survivalists to describe a complete social collapse IE The End Of The World As WE Know It.
TV = Travel Vest (used as Bug out vest)
WTSHTF = When The Shit Hits The Fan
WROL = Without Rule Of Law
Zombie = Often used to describe masses of displaced refugees wandering without purpose or direction.
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Mar 11, 2014
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Silent Bob,
I'll remember that,will not enter Valhalla without some serious steel in my hand,the rest will work out fine ;)

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