Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

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They can no longer deny the increase in sudden deaths among people 25-44, so now they have to come up with a reason.

How's this for gaslighting:
CBS trotted out an "Expert" who suggested that maybe they had a heart attack because they had COVID, but "These death certificates are probably not even capturing the fact that they might have had COVID. They're really just saying did you die of a heart attack or not" (which we all know is a whole truckload of male bovine manure)

And she continued with the BS: "What we do know however is that younger people were less likely to protect themselves from COVID than older people, less likely to mask or take out other mitigation measures. They were also farther back in line to get vaccinated, so they were not protected with vaccination until later in the pandemic"
They say "trust the science."
If you really trusted the science, you would not make hypotheses without testing them. Hypothesis: It was COVID that was causing the sudden deaths. OK, when did the sudden deaths begin? Before or after the vaccine was released? We had a year of COVID without vaccines. That is when the sudden deaths should have been the most frequent if it was caused by COVID.
But everything I've seen shows the sudden deaths began in 2021.

If they trusted the science, they would test this hypothesis: The onset of sudden deaths correlates to the release of the vaccine. Pretty simple to test. Has ANYONE seen the "science trusters" talk about this? No! It's precisely because they DO NOT TRUST THE SCIENCE!

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